Tuesday, August 21, 2007

X-rated Robocop!

Theo: You might get a kick out of reading this.

One of the classic action/sci-fi/comic book movies of the 80s is going to get a new DVD treatment...a movie rating upgraded to X-RATED!

Yes, the new DVD of Robocop 2.0 is going to be rated X by the board of film and censorship.

But no, one shouldn't think it's rated X because of some...erm...unsavourily sensual scenes. You're not going to see Peter Weller's mechanical wang intruding on some poor hapless female cop or anything like that. Leave that to the Japanese hentai masters.

No, it's rated X because of the violent and sadistic (NOT in a sexual way) content. Read on:

’80s action classic gets X-rated upgrade!

By TJ Dietsch

Posted August 20, 2007 10:10 AM

Twenty years ago, Detroit cop Alex Murphy (Peter Weller, left) was killed in the line of duty—and a phenomenon was born. “RoboCop” may have been a satire of ’80s-era capitalism, but to many fans it was simply an awesome action flick about a cyborg cop. As a new “20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition” prepares to hit shelves, we remind ourselves why this film—and hence, this new DVD—will kick metallic ass !

THE SCRIPT Yes! The script! It was packed with some great dialogue and one-liners, but none made us crack up more than when Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) barks, “B----es, leave!”

WHAT A WAY TO GO! “RoboCop” features some really gruesome death scenes and even received an initial X rating from the MPAA (they were toned down to get an R rating). Murphy’s execution was especially sadistic, an OCP exec is riddled with hundreds of bullets by a malfunctioning ED-209, and after a baddie gets covered in toxic waste, he gets splattered on the windshield of a speeding car!

EXTRA, EXTRA! If you want to see “RoboCop” the way director Paul Verhoeven originally intended, this DVD features the extended, unrated cut of the movie in all its bloody glory. Plus, there are three new featurettes, including one on the then-groundbreaking special effects and one about the creation of the legend that is RoboCop.

A little extra trivia tidbit for those who didn't know (Theo, you'll get a kick out of this too): Frank Miller (yes, THAT Frank Miller) actually wrote the scripts/screenplays of Robocop 1 AND 2. How about that?

So you'll get to read the whole of Miller's script, which is included in the DVD. And you'll get to see Frank Miller/Paul Verhoeven's vision the way it was intended to be, in all its gory glory.

I can't wait for this to be released so I can buy it!

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