Friday, August 3, 2007

LMS: Wonder Woman Vs Wonder Man

Even before I read this battle for the first time, there was no doubt in my mind who the victor was going to be. And of course: I was right.

Wonder Woman vs. Wonder Man Art by PHIL JIMENEZ and ANDY IANNING

Wonder Woman
Wonder Man
135 lbsWeight380 lbs
WonderbraWonderful EndorsementWonderbread

THE PLAYERS...Blessed with great strength, stamina, flight and the Golden Lasso of Truth, Princess Diana left the Amazons on Paradise Island and came to Man’s World as a teacher and an ambassador of truth, becoming the heroine called Wonder Woman!

The villain Baron Zemo turned Simon Williams into a human powerhouse to use him as a pawn against the Avengers. Williams betrayed Zemo and apparently died, but came back to life years later as the ionic-powered hero known as Wonder Man!

THE BATTLE... Picking up tremendous energy readings in New York City’s Central Park, Wonder Woman streaks from the JLA Watchtower to investigate. Coming across the ionically charged form of Wonder Man, Diana swoops in for a closer look. Mistaking her move for an attack, Simon unleashes a hellish haymaker that knocks Wonder Woman hundreds of yards away. Streaking after the stunned warrior, Simon’s amazed to find Diana on her feet and ready for action. Wonder Man and Wonder Woman go toe-to-toe for what seems like hours, a whirlwind of blows that destroys acres of Central Park but barely harms the combatants. Simon’s fists strike like Thor’s hammer, but Diana—thanks to the speed of Hermes—is quick enough to avoid most of the punches, and powerful enough—thanks to the strength of Hercules—to shrug off the rest. Realizing the pair are too evenly matched, Wonder Woman relies on the wisdom granted her by Athena to devise a plan: Plunging both of her fists straight into Simon’s chest, Diana is able to disperse Wonder Man’s ionic energy, thanks to the energy field created by her Amazonian bracelets. After being bound up in Diana’s Golden Lasso for a trip to the police station, Simon Williams faces a bitter truth: Wonder Woman kicked his ass!

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