Wednesday, August 1, 2007

LMS: Martian Manhunter Vs Vision

Here's the daily Last Man Standing...sorry about the five day break!

Martian Manhunter vs. Vision Art by KEVIN MAGUIRE

Martian Manhunter
250 lbsWeight300 lbs
GumbyMistaken For...Human
Destruction of MarsLost wife to...Wonder Man

THE PLAYERS...J’Onn J’Onzz was a Martian leader who was accidentally teleported to Earth, where he became stranded. Using his vast Martian powers to change his shape, he took on human form and used his tactical skills to become the heroic Martian Manhunter!

Created by the evil robot Ultron to destroy the Avengers, the Vision was a powerful synthetic humanoid who turned on his creator and—inspired by the heroics of the Avengers—joined the team.

THE BATTLE... Attempting to make psychic contact with a brooding Vision, Manhunter’s actions are interpreted as an attack, and the Vision responds in kind. Thus begins a superpowered ballet—Manhunter turns invisible and fires off his Martian vision, followed by a gale-force gust of breath, which the Vision counters by becoming intangible. With no offense in that form, the synthezoid switches to maximum density and tries pummeling the JLAer into submission. Bad move. J’Onn alters his physical form and slides down the Vision’s throat! Expanding to his original shape, Manhunter literally tears the Vision in half! Barely maintaining life functions and facing complete systems failure, the Vision fires off a blast from his solar jewel. Luckily, he sets the Manhunter ablaze, and with his weakness to fire, J’Onn’s quickly overcome. The Vision gives one of Manhunter’s hearts an intangible squeeze, rendering J’Onn unconscious—and defeated!

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