Monday, August 13, 2007

Wizard World: Chicago

Wizard World: Chicago took place (or is taking place...curse you evil International Date Line!) over the weekend! I've never ever been to a comics convention before but I'd really love to go to one sometime in the future.

It'd be really awesome to get exclusive promo comic giveaways at such conventions, but even if I don't get any of those, it'd still be awesome getting to meet and greet my favourite comic book creators and get them to sign my favourite comics. And I'd get to see all the nice little previews of future comics and movies too!

My next couple of posts would all be from Wizard Universe (as usual...I'm a lazy bastard who recycles comic news) and they're mostly Wizard World: Chicago-centric...since that's what's happening at the moment (or just nemesis, International Date Line, strikes again!).

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