Tuesday, August 21, 2007

LMS: Bizarro Vs Venom

Today's Last Man Standing involves two of the creepiest villains in Superman and Spider-man's rogues gallery respectively: Bizarro and Venom!

This really should be a no-contest...a villain with the powers of Superman versus an alien symbiote who's just stronger than Spider-man? Puh-leaze...the fight would be over in two seconds. The only way Venom could "win" this is by tricking Bizarro into doing something stupid...or getting someone else to fight Bizarro for him.

Bizarro vs. Venom Art by Chriscross and Rob Stull

225 lbs.Weight260 lbs.
CrookedDental WorkSharp!
Pasty WhiteColor SchemeBasic Black

THE PLAYERS: When Lex Luthor attempted to create a subservient duplicate of Superman, the process went awry, resulting in Bizarro, a creature that possesses all of Superman’s powers but behaves in a backwards manner, doing everything the opposite of what’s considered “normal.”

During the “Secret Wars,” Spider-Man received a new costume that was actually an alien symbiote. Spider-Man eventually shed his new skin, but the symbiote bonded with the mentally unstable Eddie Brock to become the homicidal Venom!

THE BATTLE: During one of his mindless patrols of Metropolis, Bizarro swerves off course and flies into New York City, where he collides with Venom right as the deranged killer is about to attack Peter Parker (a.k.a. Spider-Man). Venom becomes so enraged at the intrusion, he turns his attention (and two-foot long fangs) into tearing Bizarro to shreds. Bizarro notes “Me am sad to depart you. Give a bad day!” and attempts to fly off when Venom grabs him by the ankle and hurls him through a brick wall. Thinking it’s all in fun, Bizarro blasts Venom with his heat vision and pummels him mercilessly. When Venom still won’t fall, Bizarro flies circles around the psychotic villain, causing a supersonic boom that stuns the symbiote into submission. With Eddie Brock lying motionless on the street, the symbiote attempts to ooze its way to freedom. Bizarro, noticing the “pretty goo,” decides to make it his pet, where he proceeds to love it, cuddle it and hug it—until it’s scattered to the winds! Dismayed at the loss of his pet, Bizarro flies off, wondering if Superman has time to play.

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