Friday, August 17, 2007

The Iron Man movie!

Read the rest of Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol.3 HC yesterday afternoon after I decided that I wanted to come home instead of working...I hadn't had a regular seven hours of sleep over the last couple of days, partially because of the new Wii.

It's absolutely brilliant...Mark Millar's creativity and imagination really made it seem like Ultimate Fantastic Four really WAS the "World's Greatest Magazine", a title that was given to the original Fantastic Four comic series. I'm sure his work on UFF would be compared to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's legendary run on Fantastic Four.

Lee and Kirby gave us Galactus, the Silver Surfer, the Watcher and so much other brilliant stuff on their seminal run. Mark Millar didn't really create any new characters apart from the Marvel Zombies, but his re-imagining of the world the UFF live in, as well as new takes on the Skrulls, Namor, Alicia Masters and the Frightful Four just reminds one of how ground-breaking his work on the title was. Who would imagine the Marvel Zombies' version of the Fantastic Four would be the UFF's Frightful Four? And it's always nice to see that the heroes of New York actually interact with each other rather than being separate entities, with the Ultimates being a major part of the Ultimate Frightful Four story arc that ends Millar' and Land's run.

While I was in Melbourne yesterday morning waiting for the train back to Geelong, I browsed through the new issue of Empire as they had pictures of the new Iron Man armour that ws going to be used in the movie. Wow...pretty awesome as far as metallic red and gold go! The armour has a classic look, but updated for modern sensibilities.

Check out how awesome this armour will believe a man can fly in that thing and that it's not just some immovable clunky rock!

Iron Man Armour pics

While you're there, look how good Robert Downey Jr looks as Tony Stark. I remember someone on MTGParadise actually saying that Downey doesn't look the part, but he certainly does, PLUS he's got the acting chops to pull off playing one of the Marvel Universe's most complex characters.

Oh! Just found this out when browsing the imdb entry for Iron Man...Samuel L. Jackson is going to be in NICK FURY! Omigod! They're doing the Nick Fury from the Ultimates universe, in which he's black, bald and looks EXACTLY like Jackson! Wowee. Can't wait to see how good he'll look as Marvel's premier super agent on screen.

Gwyneth Paltrow plays Pepper Potts and Terrence Howard (from "Hustle and Flow") plays Jim Rhodes. And Hilary Swank also has a role in the movie, but they haven't credited her as to which part she's playing guess it'd be one of Tony Stark's lovers. No word on whether long-time Stark associate Happy Hogan is going to be in the movie. If Pepper Potts is going to be Tony's love interest, then my guess is Happy Hogan won't make the movie.

Empire magazine also had word on some other movies. The fourth Indiana Jones movie will be out next year, Harrison Ford has aged SO much. He really looks like an old man in the preview pictures. There's going to be Narnia 2 coming out next year too! There are seven fantasy novels C.S. Lewis wrote about The Chronicles of Narnia, so perhaps it'll be like the seven Harry Potter movies! It certainly makes sense, from a money-making perspective.

I'd like to see more of Roald Dahl's (my favourite children's book writer of all time) work made into movies.

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