Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ultimate FF: The debut of the Marvel Zombies!

Not much on the comics front today. I finally opened up the Vol.3 HC of Ultimate Fantastic Four and read the first couple of issues of Mark Millar's and Greg Land's run on that title.

The first arc was also the arc that gave birth to the uber popular Marvel Zombies who's popularity just keeps going up and up and up. Then the second arc introduces the Four to the lost continent of Atlantis...and when there's Atlantis, you know who can't be far behind: Namor! What I really loved about Millar and Land's Namor though, is that he's not who you THINK he is. I remember reading those issues for the first time last year and the twist threw me for a loop. Fantastic stuff.

Greg Land's art is just spectacular as well: lush and sensual and photo-realistic. One might argue that it's photorealistic only because Land does a lot of photo-referencing...and tracing.

Cue random Kevin Smith pop culture reference from Chasing Amy:

"Your mother's a tracer!"

Check out Greg Land's Wikipedia article:

Greg Land - Controversy

But hey, his artwork is gorgeous to look at, whether he traces or not.

I remember seeing a recent Morbius ad which had artwork by Greg Land. Looked very much like a Gene Simmons pose, if you ask me!

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