Thursday, August 2, 2007

LMS: Hellboy Vs Spawn

It's like Mike Mignola Vs Todd McFarlane!

Hellboy vs. Spawn Art by MIKE MIGNOLA

360 lbsWeight300 lbs
Trench coatFashion StatementSpide and chains
Giant FistPhysical DeformityPizza Face

THE PLAYERS...Little is known about Hellboy’s origins, but he’s definitely a demon from Hell, he may have been summoned by Nazis, and it’s rumored he’s the offspring of a nun and Satan. And oh yeah, he’s part of a prophecy that’ll bring about the Apocalypse!

Al Simmons worked in black ops until the day he was double-crossed by his boss and his soul was consigned to Hell! There, he made a deal with the demon Malebolgia to return to Earth as the being called Spawn!

THE BATTLE... Firing a blast of eldritch energy, Spawn catches Hellboy in the chest, knocking him through a dumpster and into a brick wall. Teleporting on top of Hellboy’s stunned form, Spawn unleashes bursts of Hellfire that toss Hellboy around like straw in a tornado. Spawn looks at the near-lifeless figure, about to finish him, but pauses. “I’m tired of dealing with this Hell-borne trash,” Spawn muses. “Why am I cursed with this task? He probably got a raw deal in Hell, too; he might even have a family somewhere, like Wanda and Cyan. I miss them so much. I wish this torture would end!” Turning away in a moment of self-pity, Spawn’s open to attack—which Hellboy does, battering away at Spawn’s skull with his gigantic right fist. For his coup de grace, Hellboy pulls out an anti-demon bazooka (blessed by the Pope, no less!) and blows Spawn’s head clear off! “Ugh!” scoffs Hellboy, “I woulda brought cheese if I knew there was gonna be this much whine.”

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