Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spider-man: Swinger!

I slowed down with the writing of scripts A LOT after 6 July 2007, of which this script was the last one written that day. Can't believe how "unproductive" I was, writing just the two scripts in one day!

While I really enjoyed writing scripts with Bruce Campbell in them, I had exhausted my ideas at that point of time and felt that I needed to move something else.

And I remembered emo Spidey from Spider-man 3 and how he tried to pick up Gwen Stacy in that bar, plus "flirting" around with other girls after he had a change of threads.

Cue this idea and script:

Panel 1 - Spider-man, with his costume tattered and torn, perched atop the Empire State Building, looking down.

Spider-man: "Some days, I just hate waking up in the morning."

Panel 2 - Spidey still in his tattered costume, fighting with the Green Goblin in mid-air. The Goblin has his hands around Spidey's throat while Spidey is trying to land a punch on Goblin's face.

Spider-man: "Who am I? I'm nobody special. I'm just the ordinary kid who lives his life each day, struggling to make ends meet."

Panel 3 - Spidey, this time fighting Doc Ock on the street. Ock has got three of Spidey's limbs trapped with his tentacles, while trying to catch Spidey's free arm.

Spider-man: "A great man once told me, with great power, comes great responsibility."

Panel 4 - Spidey, back in his apartment, with his back to the reader, taking off his tattered mask and flinging it onto his bed. His wardrobe is open and you can see spare Spidey costumes (red and blue and Venom black) hanging on the inside.

Spider-man: "But what he failed to tell me...."

Panel 5 - Spidey, all of a sudden in a brand new costume (make it the Venom black one if you want to), in the middle of the dance floor of a swanky nightclub, boogey-ing and dancing with two ladies who appear to be Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson!

Spider-man: "...was that great power also came with great perks!"

Panel 6 - There's a big chocolate milkshake on the counter, kind of like those you see in 60s - 70s movies. Spidey (facing the reader) leans forward and drinks through the straw of the milkshake. Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane, on opposite sides of Spider-man, both learn towards him and simultaneously kiss him on each cheek.

Spider-man: "Some days, I just hate waking up in the morning. But on others, it just feels good to be me!"

Panel 7 - Spidey, swinging in the air with both MJ and Gwen Stacy in either arm. Spidey cocks his head towards the reader and gives us a knowing wink and a thumbs up.

Spider-man: "I just love this swinging lifestyle!"

It ends on a bad pun again (the whole set up leads to that bad pun) but it was pretty fun to write nevertheless.

"Heroes" Worship: Oct. 29, 2007

Another week, another episode of Heroes aired in the States. It's time for another "Heroes Worship" segment from Wizard Universe!

Get caught up on last night’s episode of ‘Heroes’ with our in-depth recap!

By Wade Gum

Posted October 30, 2007 11:00 AM

What’s the Excitement About?

In case you you just stepped off the space shuttle and missed last year’s television season, “Heroes” is NBC’s newest hit show masterminded by Tim Kring. The series follows ordinary people with extraordinary abilities and their attempts to sort out their lives and save the world.

Last season’s chief protagonist was Peter Petrelli, a male nurse who has the ability to absorb and retain the power of any other superpowered being he comes into contact with. He was relentlessly pursued by Sylar, a murderous villain who can also take powers, but only by killing other people who possess them. Throughout the season, Peter and his allies worked to prevent an apocalyptic vision in which New York was destroyed from coming true.

Hero Roll Call

Claire Bennet—The biological daughter of Nathan Petrelli. A cheerleader with regenerative powers.

Noah Bennet—Adoptive father of Claire. Possesses no superpowers and once worked for the villainous Primatech Paper Co.

Monica Dawson—The cousin of Micah Sanders. Possesses the ability to mimic any physical ability she sees demonstrated.

Alejandro and Maya Herrera—A brother and sister from Central America. Maya has a deadly power and is afflicted with a disease that kills superpowered individuals. Alejandro seems to have the ability to counteract his sister’s power.

Takezo Kensei—The legendary Japanese hero, who actually turns out to be a scumbag with the power of regeneration.

Hiro Nakamura—Son of Kaito Nakamura. Has the ability to manipulate time.

Matt Parkman—NYPD officer with the ability to hear people’s thoughts.

Nathan Petrelli—Brother of Peter Petrelli. Former politician. Has the power of flight.

Peter Petrelli—Brother of Nathan Petrelli. Has the ability to absorb and retain powers.

Micah Sanders—Son of D.L. and Niki. He has the ability to “talk” to technological devices.

Niki Sanders—Wife of D.L. and mother of Micah, with an alternate personality that possesses super-strength.

Mohinder Suresh—A genetics professor in search of superpowered individuals.

Sylar—The show’s central villain. His power is the ability to determine how things work. With this ability, he kills superpowered individuals and is able to steal their abilities.

Molly Walker—A young girl with the ability to concentrate and locate anyone in the world. Adopted by Matt Parkman.

West—A teenage boy who attends the same school as Claire. Has the power of flight and was tagged by Noah when he still worked for Primatech.

Previously on ‘Heroes’

Matt Parkman teamed up with Nathan Petrelli to take down his father, the “nightmare man” who has been terrorizing Molly Parker’s dreams. Matt’s father trapped the two of them inside frightening visions that almost made them kill each other. Thanks to Matt’s abilities, they snapped out of the visions and realized that Matt’s father may be responsible for killing Kaito Nakamura.

Mohinder became concerned with Molly’s health and called Noah for advice. He ultimately ignored the advice and brought Molly into Primatech. There he encountered a crazed Niki, who attacked Bob. Niki eventually apologized, explaining to Mohinder that she came to the Company for treatment for her “sickness.”

Peter Petrelli opened the box that held the keys to his identity but ended up getting into deeper trouble. He used Isaac’s ability to paint a vision of the future and had to confront his past when Elle (sent by the Company) used her electric powers to kill Ricky.

The Recap—‘The Line’

Did you enjoy that Claire-free episode last week? Too bad, because she’s back in full force this time. She tries to make the cheerleading team at her new school but head cheerleader Debbie rejects her. It appears she can’t “bring it on” like she did in Texas. Since she can’t get on the team by talent alone, she teams up with West to get Debbie in hot water and get herself a spot on the team. Is Claire turning evil? Does anyone really care?

As for Claire’s adoptive father Noah, he’s still searching for those missing Isaac paintings in the former Soviet Bloc with the Haitian. He hasn’t discovered anything of note yet and is still concerned over his prophesized death at the hands of his daughter and a mysterious stranger.

Hiro continued his plotline with Takezo Kensei this week. He broke the cardinal rules of time travel as established by Marty McFly and ended up falling in love with the swordmaster’s daughter, changing history as we know it. He indulges in a bit of the traditional heroic romance and kisses her as Kensei watches, changing the future of the “Heroes” universe. The changes aren’t apparent at the present, but they’ll quickly become obvious unless Hiro can change things back to the way they’re supposed to be.

Meanwhile, Peter uses the power he previously absorbed from Hiro to travel to the future. Of course, he has amnesia and doesn’t realize he has this power, but at this point, who really cares? In the post-apocalyptic future Peter travels to, New York is once again destroyed just like last season. Can’t anyone keep this town in pristine condition?

In other heroic news, Mohinder decides to work with Niki, even though she violently attacked Bob last week. No headway is made in the whole plotline about Matt and Nathan’s search for the kanji killer. Also, Sylar continues moving north with Maya and Alejandro.

‘Heroes’ Highlights

Come on, Claire! We get the idea that busting your neck in front of Bitchy McBitch is a fun way to freak her out and win a spot on the squad, but using West’s flying expertise is a bit overkill. Not to mention what’s going to happen when dad hears this story and puts two and two together.—Staff Writer Kiel Phegley

After a string of roles that’s seen him playing characters called “Master Ko” and “mysterious Asian man” (seriously, look it up), it’s nice to see the ultra-badass “Mortal Kombat” star flip his usual threatening mode as the benevolent and elderly father of princess Yaeko. Of course, the way things are looking for Hiro, we don’t doubt that Tagawa will know what to do with the backstabbing Kensei…FINISH HIM!—Staff Writer Kiel Phegley

Who said Quebec was just an underrated Ween album? This week, the French-speaking province’s rockingest city, Montreal, proves to be less a place that answers questions for Peter Petrelli and more so another twist in the road to rediscovery. Of course, while Peter’s last name and damn near anyone in his family would be old information to the audience, this week’s mention of an ally in “Adam” is all-new and unknown territory for the viewer, making the smallest clue left for Pete a big question mark for fans.—Staff Writer Kiel Phegley

For someone who flies all over, day and night, we have no idea how absolutely no one sees this kid. Methinks West’s luck is gonna run out verrrrry soon.—Executive Editor Brian Cunningham

A solid 9 of 10. He can speak fluent Ukrainian while pistol-whipping a Ukrainian. He cruelly has the Haitian erase said Ukrainian’s memory of his wife of 35 years. And then, to cover his tracks after he learns where the last Isaac Mendez paintings are, he shoots that same Ukrainian in the noggin! Badass, indeed.—Executive Editor Brian Cunningham

Okay, we finally saw the remaining paintings that Isaac created before he was murdered. The first one, which shows Kaito’s death, has already come to pass. The second, which shows Claire lying on the steps after West dropped her, happened in this episode. Then we saw a hand holding a vial of clear liquid; a blonde woman hitting some kind of metal surface, like she’s trying to break in or break out; two men standing in what looks like a jail cell, with the man in the foreground (who resembles Peter) having a look of horror on his face (plus there was what looked to be the biohazard symbol in the lower left corner); Hiro and Kensei sword-fighting; Mohinder having just fired a gun; and Noah Bennet lying dead while Claire and a mysterious figure kiss. It seems apparent the manufactured viral strain that Mohinder was worried about in last night’s episode will wipe out 93 percent of the world’s population (based on the trailer for next week) and that the Heroes will have to find a way to stop it. Then it’s obvious Hiro and Kensei will face off over the love of Yaeko. After that, I’m having a tough time figuring out what the rest of the paintings mean.—Editorial Director Mel Caylo

With the most surprising use of Peter’s many stored powers yet, the “Heroes” team delivers an ending that leaves us trying to say “What’s next?” in the same breath as “Holy sh--!” With a possible future that sees New York evacuated, last season’s atomic explosion finds a disturbingly human mirror image and has us wondering how the dueling prophecies of the separated Petrelli brothers will look once Peter and Nathan are reunited.—Staff Writer Kiel Phegley


Next Time on ‘Heroes’

West discovers that Claire’s father is the man responsible for his abduction in the past. Matt, Nathan, Niki, Mohinder and Bob have to join forces in order to combat Matt’s father, the “nightmare man.” Peter uses one of his forgotten abilities and discovers the virus that is striking superpowered individuals around the world. The adventures of Hiro and Kensei finally wrap up in an unexpected twist.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More unseen audition footage of Bruce Campbell!

Lots more Bruce Campbell! Well not really...this was the LAST Bruce Campbell script I wrote. But I enjoyed every single minute of writing Bruce Campbell's extraordinary adventures!

This one written on 6 July 2007, inspired by some very famous movies:

Panel 1 - Completely empty, with just the words filling up the panel.

Dialogue box: "For the first time ever! Never before seen audition footage of Bruce Campbell!"

Panel 2 - Darth Vader and BC, in full Jedi gear, in combat on the Death Star, lightsaber and chainsaw interlocked together.

Dialogue box: "Star Wars!"

Darth Vader: "I've been waiting for you Obi-Wan. The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was the learner, but now I am the master."

BC: "Honey, you got reeeeal ugly."

Panel 3 - BC and Vader are still locked in combat, Vader whirling his lightsaber while BC waves his chainsaw around like a madman.

Darth Vader: "The force is strong in this one."

BC: "Say hello to the 21st century! Come get some."

Panel 4 - BC as Indiana Jones, seated in one of those mining carts from The Temple of Doom. Shorty (that annoying Asian kid from Temple of Doom) is seated next to him with an anguished look on his face. Shorty's hands are clasped to both sides of his face, a la Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. BC snaps his whip to release the clutch/lever to get the mining cart moving off the track.

Dialogue box: "Indiana Jones!"

Shorty: "Indy! They're behind us!"

BC: "Buckle up bonehead, 'cause we're going for a ride!"

Panel 5 - The boat from Jaws. BC is dressed as the grizzled Captain and Roy Schneider (the doctor from Jaws) has just seen the Great White shark and backs into the cabin of the boat uttering the most famous line from the movie.

Dialogue box: "Jaws!"

Roy Schneider: "You're gonna need a bigger boat."

BC: "Now whoa whoa whoa right there, spinach chin!"

Panel 6 - BC advances to the stern of the boat and spots the Great White. He pulls out his shotgun and waves it frantically in the air.

BC: "Look here you ugly mug, this is my BOOMSTICK!"

Panel 7 - The shark swims away.

BC: "That's it, go ahead and run. Run home and cry to mama!"

Panel 8 - BC is dressed as Gandalf, in the famous scene from Lord of the Rings where he "sacrifices" himself to block the Balrog's past.

Dialogue box: "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring!"

Frodo: "Gandalf!"

BC (turning backwards): "Who wants to know?"

Panel 9 - BC raises his chainsaw in an attempt to scare the Balrog off.

BC: "My name's Ashley J. Williams. I work in S-Mart. Housewares. That's right. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart. You got that? Run home and cry to mama."

Panel 10 - BC slams his chainsaw down onto the ground.

BC: "
YOU !!! SHALL NOT !!! PASS....WIND !!!"

Panel 11 - The Balrog looks confused for a moment, then advances.

Panel 12 - BC tries a different approach.

BC: "Uh...klaatu varada nikto?"

Set visit preview: "Hellboy II: The Golden Army"

Lots of stuff today!

The first Hellboy movie was absolutely awesome and I can't wait to watch the SECOND one.

Catch up with the cast and crew in Hungary as they enter their sixth month of shooting

By Andy Serwin

Posted October 29, 2007 4:45 PM

Universal Pictures unleashed hell on Wizard Universe last week when it invited us to the set of “Hellboy II: The Golden Army”—set for release on July 11, 2008, and based on Mike Mignola’s monster-hunting comic book from Dark Horse!

Nestled in the out-of-the-way Korba Studios in Etyek, Hungary, about 45 minutes outside of Budapest, the “Hellboy II” team was hard at work in its sixth month of production, and was in the midst of a grueling but mind-blowing night shoot when Wizard Universe arrived on set.

While there, Wizard Universe snagged interviews with director Guillermo del Toro, the Academy Award-nominated helmer of “Pan’s Labyrinth”; the brunette bombshell Selma Blair, who plays the fiery pyrokinetic Liz Sherman; and Doug Jones, who once again dives in as the merman called Abe Sapien (as well as two other major creature characters). Earlier in the day, we’d also gotten a chance to sit down with new castmates Luke Goss (Nomak in “Blade 2”) and newcomer Anna Walton, who portray the Elven brother and sister combo Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala, respectively, to talk about their parts in the film, as they play central roles in the supernatural war waged in the sequel.

We also toured the production offices with production designer stephen Scott (“Hellboy”), who showed us the behind-the-scenes work on set designs and character creations, and provided in-depth looks at the creature workshop, the impressive location sets like the one constructed inside the Kiscelli Museum, a converted church built in 1743, as well as the soundstage sets like the foreboding lair of one of the film’s central figures. Afterwards, we walked on-set of an enormous re-creation of a downtown Brooklyn city street—complete with demonic destruction!

Keep your browser set to Wizard Universe and check out Wizard magazine each month for all the latest on what to expect from this highly anticipated sequel, which should be one of the most hellacious superhero movies of the summer!

Haven't even watched bloody Stardust and ALREADY I'm thinking of the next comic book movie! Haha!

[PREVIEW] Daredevil Annual #1

Seems like Brian Michael Bendis' and Ed Brubaker's arcs on Daredevil are linked so closely that everything seems interconnected. I'm really loving reading Daredevil when I pick up the much so that I want to pick up the HCs and preserve all those awesome stories!

The Daredevil Annual #1 is coming up:

An under-the-weather Matt Murdock comes face to face with Black Tarantula—is he friend or foe?
Posted October 29, 2007 3:55 PM

Daredevil’s having a tough week. A flu bug has rendered his radar power useless, a Yakuza gang is trying to reclaim its power in Hell’s Kitchen, and there’s a murder to be solved. Now, he has to deal with a visitor from his time in prison—Carlos LaMuerto, aka the Black Tarantula. Carlos has been released, and he’s looking to Matt Murdock for some help in setting up a new life on the outside. Will Murdock and LaMuerto end up as allies, or foes? Will Black Tarantula really go straight, or will his inner demons lure him back to his crimelord past?

Rated T+…$3.99
On sale 10/31/07

[PREVIEW] Mythos: Fantastic Four

Check out the stunning artwork featured in this new Fantastic Four series!

Wizard Universe reports:

Check out these pages from a fully painted retelling of the FF’s origins
Posted October 29, 2007 3:50 PM

The prestigious Mythos format returns as we find out how Marvel’s First Family became the team they are today! Paul Jenkins tells the tale while Paolo Rivera delivers the beautiful fully painted origin of the Fantastic Four!

Penciled by PAOLO RIVERA
Rated A…$3.99
On sale 10/31/07

The 21 greatest horror movies of the 21st century

Time for another Wizard "Best Of" feature!

With Halloween happening tomorrow (or in two days going by American time), it's appropriate they came up with this list.

Can’t get to a costume party this Halloween? Soil your pants at home instead!

By Jake Rossen

Posted October 29, 2007 12:55 PM

21. 28 Weeks Later (2007)
Proof positive that “existential zombie film” isn’t an oxymoron: With help from the U.S. Army, survivors of the “28 Days Later” plague try to repopulate, with mixed (i.e., disastrous) results.

20. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)
Seamlessly blurring two disparate genres—the gripping courtroom drama and the demonic possession freakout—“Rose” provides all the more scares for the matter-of-fact way it treats the supernatural.

19. High Tension (2003)
Brutally efficient and with nary any bothersome subtext, this tale of a killer who slaughters a family and terrorizes their houseguest is a study in screw-turning suspense. As the hunted, Cecile de France (left) constitutes a heroine worthy of Ripley’s wife-beater.

18. Slither (2006)
A mucus- and slime-infested tribute to schlock horror, “Slither” is quite possibly one of the most disgusting movies ever made. As otherworldly creepies infest a small town—and invade orifices—you’ll be squirming as much as they are. Bonus cool: Pam from “The Office” as a hick receptionist!

17. Ju-on (2000)
Man up and deal with the subtitles: This Japanese inspiration for the stateside “Grudge” is the superior flick. When the ghosts of murdered innocents start popping up, you’ll be fetal before too long.

16. The Others (2001)
While the plot sounds hokey and dated—single mom thinks her new house is haunted—it’s executed in true Gothic fashion, with a subtlety that’s rare in Hollywood horror (until Nicole Kidman grabs a shotgun, anyway).

15. Ginger Snaps (2000)
After a werewolf attacks a menstruating teenager, her best friend tries to deal with her change in…appetites. As much a movie about adolescent angst as it is lycanthropes, “Snaps” delivers on its snarky premise right up through its final, heartbreaking scene.

14. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
Co-starring Jessica Biel’s delts (pictured), this gritty, gory update of the ’70s iconic classic is appropriately nasty: R. Lee Ermey’s oily, degenerate sheriff might be creepier than Leatherface himself.

13. Grindhouse (2007)
Leave it to Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez to turn back the clock and offer a ’70s-era movie experience: two B-movies, grainy film stock and a host of faux trailers. In QT’s “Death Proof,” we even get to see a Snake Plissken-esque Kurt Russell again. Sweet.

12. Dog Soldiers (2002)
Slipping in under the mainstream radar, this British flick—about a group of commandos who run afoul of werewolves in Scotland—comes off like the bastard lovechild of G.I. Joe meets “The Howling.”

11. Wolf Creek (2005)
For a while, this Australian flick seems harmless enough, just like the Good Samaritan who helps two backpackers with their stalled car. Then everything turns into an unholy nightmare. You’ll never watch “Crocodile Dundee” the same way again.

10. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Marketed as a parody of the zombie genre, “Shaun” (left) is actually one of the better undead movies to come along since George Romero grabbed a camera. Who knew the “Batman” movie soundtrack makes for an awesome projectile?

9. Saw (2004)
Finding genius in simplicity, “Saw” (pictured) takes a barren concept—two men wake up chained to the wall—and exhausts the gruesome possibilities. As serial killer Jigsaw, Tobin Bell channels a Hannibal Lecter who’s read way too many EC comics.

8. Dark Water (2002)
A single mom and her daughter must deal with the sentient, haunting presence of water in their new apartment. The creepy, atmospheric Japanese original far outstrips the more recent American remake (the drinkable Jennifer Connelly aside, naturally).

7. Hostel (2005)
Preying on the fears of foreign travel, gore raconteur Eli Roth made his bones on this deeply unsettling look at the commerce of human suffering. That this movie helped coin the phrase “torture porn” should tell you everything you need to know.

6. The Host (2006)
With Godzilla busy fighting for his dignity—and losing—this Korean entry resuscitated the giant-ass monster movie genre. Rising from a river infected with toxic waste, the creature’s rage has some environmental undertones. It’s edu-tastic!

5. The Descent (2005)
It was Wizard’s movie of the year for ’06, so how can you go wrong? You can’t, sillypants! A group of cave explorers find themselves trapped and hunted by a new breed of evil in this claustrophobic thriller; if you ever thought about spelunking, this should cure it.

4. 28 Days Later (2002)
Awakening from a head injury, Cillian Murphy finds the U.K. to be a wasteland populated by flesh-chomping victims of a new virus. He actually takes it pretty well; viewers will be left nibbling on their throw pillows.

3. Frailty (2001)
“I had a vision, kids. We gotta kill demons, ’cause God told me to. But, um, they’ll look like regular people. Here, give me that ax.” Bill Paxton stars in and directs the creepiest dad movie ever.

2. Dawn of the Dead (2004)
Before “300,” Zack Snyder made a name for himself with this remake of the Romero classic: Trapped in a shopping mall, a group of survivors try to plot a way out of the rapidly growing circle of zombies (below) that surround them. Smart and intense, with Snyder’s trademark eye for kinetic visuals.

1. The Ring (2002)
With a killer mythology—watch a cursed videotape and die within seven days—“The Ring” did its Japanese inspiration proud, getting the morbid job done with nary a drop of blood. The secret? A reliance on the most mundane conventions of our daily lives: the telephone and television. We dare you not to jump if your phone should happen to ring during the flick, and we double-dare you not to squeal like a little Girl Scout when undead antagonist Samara (below) pays Martin Henderson a visit through his coaxial cable. Watch this alone and you’ll need counseling—not to mention a lifetime supply of Ambien.

Now everyone knows while I'm a big fan of Wizard's lists, I don't always agree with their choices. And such is the case for this feature.

The Ring is #1? The freaking Ring!? And it's not even the original Japanese version that's's the lame-ass Sarah Michelle Gellar AMERICAN version! What the hell are the people at Wizard watching!? Ju-On, which is HEAPS better than The Ring (except for that last part of the ring when you find out what's really happening), finished only #20? Get out of town.

Fantastic that Dawn of the Dead finished 2nd, though Shaun of the Dead should have finished higher. And really...where are the Evil Dead movies? Heck, if you're going for horror comedy like Shaun of the Dead, then Army of Darkness should be in there at least!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Capt A and...The Matrix?

The next script comes courtesy of Theo. I had no part in scripting it (except for a tiny little edit and giving additional suggestions). We were chatting over the phone about how we used to laugh at our little in-jokes that we'd create when watching movies and he came up with this:

Right, Ian and I were discussing our Lord of The Rings jokes quite a long time ago and how we'd have Hugo Weaving saying to Frodo: "Welcome to the Matrix, Frodo" and Gandalf proclaiming that he is Magneto... then in all the Captain A(sh) furore, I came up with this:

Agent Smith (asking gravely and pointing at Captain Ash's forehead): What's the A on your head stand for? Anderson?
Capt Ash: Who wants to know?
Agent Smith: I am Agent Smith. Agent of the Matrix, some time rebel leader of the elves, leader of the Decepticons and anarchist, V.
Ash: Well hello Mister Fancypants. Well, I've got news for you pal, you ain't leadin' but two things: Jack and shit... and Jack just left town.
*points double barreled shotgun under Smith's nose and shoots*

Ian: Just added that red bit there since Hugo Weaving also voiced Megatron in the live action Transformers movie!

[PREVIEW] Ultimate Power #8

Ultimate Power, drawn by Greg Land, is soon coming to an end! I can't wait to buy the final two issues and then put the entire series together and read it in one sitting.

Here's a preview of issue #8:

Who’s throwing the Ultimates off their game as they battle the Squadron Supreme?
Posted October 28, 2007 10:15 AM

A new player has been thrown into this cosmic game of survival, upsetting the plans of S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury. The Ultimates suddenly find themselves at the lowest point in their struggle against the Squadron Supreme. And that’s very bad news for our Earth.

Written by JEPH LOEB
Penciled by GREG LAND
Cover by GREG LAND
Rated T+…$2.99
On sale 10/31/07

Five for Fridays: Cowboy comics books

Last week's Five For Fridays column isn't really my thing, but I thought I'd just post it up anyway, since I love these Best Of features that Wizard comes out with, though I don't necessarily always agree with the choices.

Lone Ranger and Streets of Glory both ride back onto the racks this week as we count off our favorite cowboy comics out right now

By Brian Warmoth

Posted October 26, 2007 12:00 PM

The Old West kicks up a lot of dust this week with Brett Matthews and Sergio Cariello’s Lone Ranger #9 hitting shelves alongside Garth Ennis and Mike Wolfer’s Streets of Glory #2 from Avatar Press. White hats and black hats have been blowing each other’s brims off since the early days of comic books, and big names from television and radio like Red Ryder, Gene Autry, Reno Browne and Roy Rogers all had their own titles at some point. The genre is still as hot as ever, with plenty of gunslinging still tearing it up in the Wednesday piles.

Lone Ranger and Streets of Glory are just two of our favorite cowboy comics out there right now. Here are all five of the titles no Western justice lover should be without on their pull list.

5. Shaolin Cowboy (Burlyman Entertainment)
Geof Darrow’s leading cowboy in this series is the only one to have taken down a shark with a chainsaw-tipped spear. Playfully violent and visually arresting, Darrow has an obsessively detailed eye for mixing kung fu, fantasy and Western elements into a series about a wandering monk and his mule.

4. Streets of Glory (Avatar Press)
Garth Ennis turned the Western genre on its head with his now-indispensable classic Preacher, and Streets of Glory brings him back to a classic turn-of-the-century setting to unleash all the haphazard violence he’s known for. The story follows an ex-Union soldier with an ample supply of bullets to pound through anyone who gets in his way, and artist Mike Wolfer’s knack for action-packed splatter makes them one of the best creative duos to get their own cowboy book.

3. Jonah Hex (DC)
The ugliest title cowboy on this list got shot in the arm when Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti picked him up for the series’ relaunch in 2003. Also among the most easily dislikable, Hex is a former Confederate soldier who first appeared in DC’s All-Star Western #10, and he plays to his current writers’ strengths, giving them an edgy main character with a lot of hate and plenty of history to play with.

2. Loveless (DC/Vertigo)
Fans of “Deadwood” or Azzarello’s 100 Bullets shouldn’t leave this title unturned. Another Southerner—like Jonah Hex—the main gringo in the series is a loathsome man named Wes Cutter who gets out of a Civil War prison camp and finds his old life torn apart and his old town occupied by Union forces. Azzarello doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to the historical tensions, sex or bloody fights that keep Loveless heated up.

1. Lone Ranger (Dynamite Entertainment)
Brett Matthews and Sergio Cariello picked up a dusty old classic and cleaned it up like a fully restored muscle car for Dynamite in 2006, and the series hasn’t blinked since. John Cassaday’s iconic covers only finesse one of the strongest titles the company has ever produced. Daring to dig deeply enough into the Lone Ranger’s character to make him interesting, but delicately enough to keep the classic hero true to his TV and radio heritage, no book on the shelves feels classically Western quite like Lone Ranger.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Mary Jane you wench (a continuation)!

And here's a little bonus for you, just before I leave this blog for the weekend: part 2 of the story!

This was also scripted on the same day after Theo gave me a suggestion to use Superman since he was already in the background...nonchalantly thrown in by me in the first script as a sight gag. How it came back and paid dividends!

Panel Y (actually, let's just call this Panel 8) - As Captain Ash and Spider-man charge towards each other, Superman, who was a casual observer several panels ago (talk about foreshadowing!) all of a sudden flies down and swoops up Mary Jane in his arms.

Panel 9 - Captain Ash and Spider-man stop momentarily and look up to the sky. Spider-man points upwards.

Spider-man: "Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane!"

BC: "It's some schmuck in red undies with your girlfriend, you moron!"

Panel 10 - Up in the sky, Superman has Mary Jane in his arms. She doesn't look afraid though...she's embracing Superman with her arms around his neck!

Mary Jane: "So...are you really more powerful than a locomotive? I mean...everywhere?"

Panel 11 - Mary Jane looks down at Superman's...uh...package.

Mary Jane: "
Please don't say you're faster than a speeding bullet."

Panel 12 - Superman nods and Mary Jane leans in and kisses him on the lips.

Panel 13 - Superman gives the reader a knowing wink.

Superman: "Hail to the SUPER king, baby!"

Mary Jane you wench!

I present to you: The further adventures of Captain Ash! As I said before, I was just on a roll and having a blast scripting Bruce Campbell as Captain America. There's just something so inherently WRONG (and hilarious) about someone in the red, white and blue costume spouting inane lines like "Yo, she-bitch!" and "Come get some", you know?

This one was a two parter. I originally couldn't think up a good ending for this script, so I left it at that and asked for suggestions from Theo. 5 July 2007 once again:

Panel 1 - Captain Ash has Mary Jane Watson in his arms and about to kiss her. MJ clearly has a disgusted look at her face and her hands are trying to push Ash back.

BC: "Gimme some sugar baby."

Panel 2 - All of a sudden, Spider-man swings out of nowhere and kicks Captain Ash in the face.

BC: "Oof!"

Panel 3 - Spider-man and Captain Ash face down each other. Spider-man shoots some web fluid at Captain Ash, who easily cuts it away with his chainsaw. You can clearly see Superman in the background, with red underwear on, flying past, watching the fight.

Dialogue box: "In the most astonishing crossover movie this summer: It's a fight to the death as Captain America and Spider-man fight for Mary Jane Watson's affections...TO THE DEATH!

Spider-man: "You stay away from her, freak!"

BC: "Looks who's talking, you effeminate screwhead! Who dresses up in their underwear to fight?"

Panel 4 - Spider-man puts himself between MJ and Captain Ash.

Spider-man: "To get to her, you've got to go through me!"

Panel 5 - Ash spits on the ground and pulls out his boomstick.

BC: "Yo, she-bitch! Let's go!"

Panels 6 onwards - As much of a fight scene as possible. Please take creative license here Theo...have Captain Ash fighting dirty and cram in as many cheesy "Wham! Bap! Pow!" bubbles like those on the Batman TV series.

Panel X - Spider-man and Captain Ash, clearly tired, their costumes torn and tattered and both men sweating and bleeding, hunch over and face each other for the final time.

BC: "You still want a piece of me? Huh? Come get some."

Alright. I was inspired by this seemingly crazy crossover, but now I can't seem to think of a proper ending that will do this justice. Suggestions, Theo? At this rate, we can have a weekly strip of just Bruce Campbell as Captain America!

Alas, poor Yorick, the last man on earth.

Second day in a row and almost no updates that interest me from Wizard again! What gives man? I guess they give equal coverage to DC and Marvel...and I really don't give two damns about DC's shit most of the time. And some Marvel stuff just doesn't really pique my interest all that much.

So I finished reading Dr Strange: The Oath yesterday and boy was it good! It just cements Brian K. Vaughan's reputation as a stellar writer (with brilliant comedic timing and humour!) and while he's already one of my favourite writers, he's quickly moving up a notch or two. I think at last count, he was my 3rd or 4th favourite writer...he's easily just behind Brian Bendis and Alan Moore now, with Ed Brubaker moving to 4th and Mark Millar just a tad out of touch at 5th.

Was desperate to read another TPB yesterday but I couldn't decide what I wanted to read: Astro City? XXXenophile? Captain America Omnibus? I didn't want something too heavy or something too light. And though I know I'm probably going to regret doing this (because I've only at the moment got Vols.1-3 and 8-9), I started Y - The Last a certain Mr Vaughan. Might have something to do with the fact that I wanted to read something written by him after reading the goodness that was Dr Strange: The Oath.

Now I've read all the TPBs of Y - The Last Man published so far...heck, I own ALL of them, though most of the TPBs are back in Singapore. Trying to rebuild my collection here a la the Preacher series, since it's just so good. The premise is simple: something happens that causes every human, foetus and mammal with a Y chromosome (that's the one that's in the MALE gender for those of you who never studied genetics) in the world to just die at the same moment. The gendercide is complete worldwide...all except for one man and his pet monkey.

Cmon...if that premise doesn't get you hooked, what will? It's the last man on earth! With his monkey! As the last man and the only one with a of tools, doesn't that automatically make his wang hot property? Shouldn't he be some sort of Wilt Chamberlain/Hugh Hefner hybrid when it comes to number of women bedded?

On the contrary. Life isn't that rosy for the last man on earth. It's a brilliant examination of the human psyche, and everyone knows I love reading about stuff where a human (or bunch of) get thrusted into extreme situations and we get to see how they react. Yorick, our hero, doesn't quite become the love machine that one automatically assumes he would be. There are a whole bunch of femi-nazis gunning for him. Heck, seems like a LOT of people are after him, either to kill him or to sell him off in the sex trade, or to try and protect him so he could one day jumpstart humanity again.

It's a fascinating read and it's a shame the series ends with #60, which I believe is out in stores this month. I'd love to read this series back to back just like I did Preacher, though it'd take me a couple of least a week, what with my working schedule. But having read the first three issues in the first TPB yesterday and this morning, I've already discovered a whole lot of other things that I didn't know about previously. It's one of my recommended reads...try it!

On another note, it's also a title published by Vertigo, the mature-readers-centric line of titles published by DC comics. Some of my FAVOURITE titles and series have been published by Vertigo. While I generally shun the DC stuff (because I just don't relate and care for the superheroes in the DC-verse...I'm a Marvel man after all!), Vertigo stuff is just so awesome.

I've got Preacher, Y - The Last Man, Ex Machina, Fables, Jack of Fables, 100 Bullets (though I've never had the time to read them...have the TPBs at home)...and then there are titles like Bite Club that they publish that I have. I'm also interested in Loveless and American Virgin and a whole lot of other titles published. Not to mention that Neil Gaiman's famous Sandman series was a Vertigo series and a lot of the popular mainstream writers all got their start on that imprint, like Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Brian Azzarello, Ed Brubaker, Warren Ellis...and Alan Moore too!

Vertigo: A font of creative goodness.

Toy of the day: Transformers busts

I'm not really one for toys (anymore) or busts/figurines. But damn don't these look good, especially Movie Starscream!

It'd make the perfect mantlepiece statue to accompany the Transformers DVD...both the animated movie and the live action one!

From Wizard Universe:

In the next few months, the makers at Diamond Select will be offering a line of exceptional busts, including two that are exclusive to mail-order retailer Action Figure Xpress.
Posted October 25, 2007 8:55 AM

BY: Diamond Select Toys/Action Figure Xpress
RELEASE DATE: November 2007/March 2008

The Transformers’ resurgence on the pop cultural landscape won’t be subsiding any time soon. There’s the DVD of this summer’s blockbuster, a planned sequel, a new cartoon and more toys and statues than you can shake a Go-Bot at! In the next few months, the makers at Diamond Select will be offering a line of exceptional busts, including two that are exclusive to mail-order retailer Action Figure Xpress. In November, 600 lucky fans will be able to own a 6-inch Reformation Megatron bust—no, not Megatron during the Protestant Reformation of the 1500s, Megatron when Unicron reformatted him into Galvatron! Then in March of next year, Coronation Starscream makes his debut, capturing that brief period of time between getting crowned and getting obliterated. Visit for more info!



After seeing that Starscream bust, I can just picture the Constructicons playing those trumpets during Starscream's coronation...and the hilarity of their trumpets being shot at by Starscream!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

When Captain America throws his mighty shiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeld...

More scripts featuring Captain Ash! At least, that was the name I coined since "Bruce Campbell as Captain America" just was too bloody long.

This one, once again, was on 5 July 2007:

By popular demand (from the one other person who actually comes to read the stuff we post here): More of Bruce Campbell's misadventures as the Star Spangled Centurion - Captain Ash!

Panel 1 - Captain Ash and Iron Man, standing some distance away, like one of those showdowns you see in Westerns. (Camera angle: Perhaps starting from Iron Man's waist, and you see Captain America in the background. To emphasise that it's a "Western" kind of showdown, you could have one of those dust balls blowing across the panel)

Dialogue box: "And now: Outtakes and deleted scenes from Bruce Campbell's Captain America audition tape!"

BC: "Buckle up ironhead, coz you're going for a ride!"

Panel 2 - Captain Ash throws his shield towards Iron Man, who easily evades it.

Dialogue box (musical lyrics, so if you could add a note or two beside the text to indicate it's music...): "When Captain America throws his mighty shiiiiiieeeeld....."

BC: "That's it, go ahead and run. Run home and cry to mama!"

Panel 3 - Iron Man sticks out his tongue at Captain Ash with the words "neener neener" surrounding his head. Don't ask how Iron Man can stick his tongue out through his helmet...

Iron Man: "That the best you can do? Haha, you're a jerk! You're a goody little two-shoes!"

Panel 4 - Close up on Captain Ash's face. He has a raised eyebrow, a la The Rock.

Off panel Iron Man voice balloon: "Goody little two-shoes!"

Panel 5 - Captain Ash's expression has changed to anger. He reaches for the boomstick strapped to his back.

ff panel Iron Man voice balloon: "Goody little two-shoes!"

Panel 6 - Captain Ash shoots Iron Man in the face...metallic helmet pieces fly everywhere and we can see part of Iron Man's brain exploding out! A big caption of "BANG!" can be placed somewhere in the panel.

Iron Man: "Goody lit..."

Panel 7 - Captain Ash stands over the body of Iron Man and kicks him in the nuts.

BC: "I'm not THAT good."

Girls and Dr Strange: The Oath!

Not much today in terms of updates that interest me on the Wizard Universe website.

I finished reading Vols.3 and 4 of the Luna Brothers' Girls. While it may sound like it, it certainly isn't THAT kind of comic! On the contrary...while it DOES feature naked girls running around a small American town, the story has sci-fi and drama roots.

What basically happens is that one night, this girl appears buck naked in front of our hero, resident loser of his town who's going through some relationship problems with his ex. Of course, he doesn't turn down the opportunity and sleeps with her.

The very next day, something really strange happens: the naked girl starts laying eggs! The eggs grow bigger and bigger and finally hatch...only for more naked girls that are a clone of the original one to come out! And these women seem to have only two goals in mind: kill the women of the town and sleep with as many men as possible so they could produce more eggs and thus, more of their kind.

The town is thrown into upheaval and no one can trust each other. The women don't trust the men because they think the men just want to have sex with the naked girls and thus, multiply their numbers, giving them superior numbers against the town's women. The men hate that the women don't trust them that the can keep their willies to themselves. There's a lot of killing, a lot of deaths, and a whole lot of nudity.

While the ending was a bit blah, the series was quite fascinating with its insight to the human psyche and how humans behaved when placed in extraordinary circumstances under high pressure conditions. There are the people you just can't help but hate: the ugly-deep-down inside woman who bullies her husband with her "I must control everything" personality, the gold digger from China who put up with her husband only because she wanted the material richness of being associated with the family, the assclown of a man who isn't satisfied with his marriage and thus goes on a sex-romp/orgy with the naked girls, even though it's a bad idea to sleep with them in the first place.

It's full of drama and elements of science fiction. I really enjoy the drama aspects...I like reality TV so this series was really good for me to examine the behaviour of humans. And the Luna Brothers have beautiful artwork and a pretty good story to boot. The premise is awesome but the ending was a letdown. If you get a chance to check out this series, I'd recommend it heartily.

Started on Dr Strange: The Oath as well. Finished the first chapter where it's revealed that Wong has an inoperable tumour and only has three months to live. Dr Strange refuses to accept this and goes on a journey to find a cure. It's really funny so far, with the story opening up in a hospital where Arana and Iron Fist are making smalltalk while waiting for the Night Nurse to attend to their injuries.

Can't wait to read the rest of it tonight!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bruce Campbell is Captain America!

Well, since I missed posting yesterday, thought I'd give my readers a bonus script to make up for the lack of one yesterday!

As I said in the previous entry, an avalanche of ideas of Bruce Campbell being Captain America flooded my head. I was getting a real kick out of writing Bruce Campbell in Cap's chainmail costume and was regurgitating ideas out of my brain faster than I could scribble them down on paper!

This one and the previous script were two of my favourite scripts to write. (Note that this script MUST come straight after the previous one, in the correct order, to lend some semblence of continuity and follow through) This was published, once again, on 5 July 2007. Enjoy.

Panel 1 - Bruce Campbell, in Captain America outfit (still with the chainsaw and the shield) posing, a la THIS image.

Dialogue box: "Exclusive! Secret tapes from Bruce Campbell's audition for the Captain America movie: revealed for the first time!"

Bruce Campbell (BC): Klaatu varada nik*coughcoughcough*to!

Panel 2 - Captain America slugging Iron Man (Theo: If you could make it such that it looks like the cover to Captain America #1, that'd be great! Perhaps show BC's chainsaw also ripping into Iron Man's armour)

Dialogue box: "See Captain America fighting for leadership of the Avengers!"

BC: "Well hello Mr Fancypants. Well, I've got news for you pal, you ain't leading but two things: Jack and shit. And Jack left town."

Panel 3 - Bruce Campbell throwing his shield into some A.I.M or Hydra agents.

Dialogue box: "Watch as Captain America protects our land from terrorists!"

BC: "Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up! You see this? This is my BOOMSTICK! Errr...shield. Sorry."

Panel 4 - Close up of Bruce Campbell pointing at the "A" on his forehead. (Theo: You MUST use this classic image right here!)

Dialogue box: "Witness Captain America's passion for the red, white and blue!"

Bruce Campbell (BC): "Surrender? SURRENDER?! You think this letter on my head stands for France?"

Panel 5 - Bruce Campbell puts his hand to the side of his mouth, as if he is whispering to the reader.

BC: "It actually stands for Ash. Ashley J. Williams. Who wants to know?"

Panel 6 - Bruce Campbell bends a hot chick backwards (think one of those trashy romance novel covers) and is just about to kiss her.

Dialogue box: "See Captain America save the day and then get the girl!"

BC: "Gimme some sugar baby."

Panel 7 - Captain America in a traditional "US Rules!" pose (Perhaps something like the background image here)

Dialogue box: "Come watch Captain America: the sure-to-be highest grossing blockbuster movie of 2008, coming soon to a cinema near you!"

BC: "Hail to the king, baby."

After this script was posted, Theo came up with this brilliant idea too!

Hey Ian, how about this image drawn as the panel before the one where he points to the "A" on his head? Imagine him going: "What's that? Surrender?"

And then the next panel is the classic Capt A one. Hehehe.. :oD

Funny funny stuff! Our love for Bruce Campbell (and not in a gay way, not that there's anything wrong with that) knows no bounds!

Captain America: Groovy

Alrighty...the next couple of scripts I wrote were just an exploration of an idea Theo had. He posted up this entry:

Bruce Campbell auditioning for The Comedian

Hey Ian! Remember how I said BC looks perfect for the role of The Comedian in the coming Watchmen movie? How about a script of BC auditioning for the character, but still very much in his Ash mentality?

E.g. saying "Groovy." when given a form to fill in, or "Come get some." when it's his turn. And maybe one of the last few panels or something where one of the staff (a woman for our purposes) says he can't get the part. BC (Ash) then gets mad and says "Yo, she-bitch, let's go!!!" and then there's a full shot of BC in Ash mode complete with buzzing chainsaw and classic crazy Ash grin on his face.

OH!!! AND LEST I FORGET!! The reason why he's probably rejected is because he forgets his part!! Like you know how he forgets the magic word in the movie? Like "Clatto Verata Niii *cough cough*" Haha, get what I mean? :oD

Maybe a scene of him and the director of Watchmen could go like this too:

Zach Snyder: You're not one of my actors... who are you?
Ash: Who wants to know?
Zach Snyder: I am Zach Snyder. Director of 300 and Watchmen, Lord of the box office in early 2007 and leader of its fans.
Ash: Well hello Mister Fancypants. Well, I've got news for you pal, you ain't leadin' but two things right now: Jack and shit... and Jack just left town.

That's a pretty funny script in his own. I had Marvel Comics on my mind at the time, since I'd just written the Wolverine script, and I thought: what a great idea, BC auditioning for roles, now that he's sort of a has-been actor!

And then it hit me. Captain America recently died in comics and I really wanted to do something to honour him in memorium. And since Theo was talking about Bruce Campbell, and idea just clicked in my head.

So on 5 July 2007, this script was born:

Panel 1 - Image of Captain America surrendering to Iron Man (check out pages of Civil War #7 for a shot). Perhaps he could have his arms together, stretched out, as if presenting himself to be handcuffed. (It'd be funny if someone threw something at Iron Man's head and it bounced off...or splashed like a tomato)

Dialogue box: "In 2007, Captain America voluntarily surrendered to S.H.I.E.L.D and the forces led by Iron Man to end the Marvel Civil War."

Panel 2 - Image of Captain America being handcuffed and led away.

Dialogue box: "Captain America was arrested and put on a very public trial."

Panel 3 - Captain America, lying on the ground bleeding to death. (Check out this picture for reference)

Dialogue box: "But a single bullet from an assassin's rifle ended his legacy."

Panel 4 - completely black, with only the text in white.

Text going across the middle of the panel as large as possible: "Or did it?"

Panel 5 - Ash mimicking his pose from Army of Darkness but in a Captain America costume. The "wench" by his side is wearing a S.H.I.E.L.D uniform - Sharon Carter perhaps? (Theo: Perhaps for this, it'd be great to recreate the ENTIRE movie poster of Army of Darkness - click to see - but dress Ash up in a Captain America costume. His chainsaw MUST be seen though. Please put Captain America's shield in Ash's left hand though)

Dialogue box at the top of the panel: "Coming in 2008: Bruce Campbell auditions for the Captain America live action movie!"

Bruce Campbell: "Groovy.

That was just the start of the avalanche of ideas featuring Bruce Campbell as Captain America. Stay tuned for more of that in the next couple of days!

"Heroes" Worship: Oct. 22, 2007

Another episode of Heroes screened in America yesterday. More twists and turns and va-va-voom images of Kristen Bell?

Get caught up on last night’s episode of ‘Heroes’ with our in-depth recap!

By Wade Gum

Posted October 23, 2007 12:00 PM

What’s the Excitement About?

In case you you just stepped off the space shuttle and missed last year’s television season, “Heroes” is NBC’s newest hit show masterminded by Tim Kring. The series follows ordinary people with extraordinary abilities and their attempts to sort out their lives and save the world.

Last season’s chief protagonist was Peter Petrelli, a male nurse who has the ability to absorb and retain the power of any other superpowered being he comes into contact with. He was relentlessly pursued by Sylar, a murderous villain who can also take powers, but only by killing other people who possess them. Throughout the season, Peter and his allies worked to prevent an apocalyptic vision in which New York was destroyed from coming true.

Hero Roll Call

Claire Bennet—The biological daughter of Nathan Petrelli. A cheerleader with regenerative powers.

Noah Bennet—Adoptive father of Claire. Possesses no superpowers and once worked for the villainous Primatech Paper Co.

Monica Dawson—The cousin of Micah Sanders. Possesses the ability to mimic any physical ability she sees demonstrated.

Alejandro and Maya Herrera—A brother and sister from Central America. Maya has a deadly power and is afflicted with a disease that kills superpowered individuals. Alejandro seems to have the ability to counteract his sister’s power.

Takezo Kensei—The legendary Japanese hero, who actually turns out to be a scumbag with the power of regeneration.

Hiro Nakamura—Son of Kaito Nakamura. Has the ability to manipulate time.

Matt Parkman—NYPD officer with the ability to hear people’s thoughts.

Nathan Petrelli—Brother of Peter Petrelli. Former politician. Has the power of flight.

Peter Petrelli—Brother of Nathan Petrelli. Has the ability to absorb and retain powers.

Micah Sanders—Son of D.L. and Niki. He has the ability to “talk” to technological devices.

Niki Sanders—Wife of D.L. and mother of Micah, with an alternate personality that possesses super-strength.

Mohinder Suresh—A genetics professor in search of superpowered individuals.

Sylar—The show’s central villain. His power is the ability to determine how things work. With this ability, he kills superpowered individuals and is able to steal their abilities.

Molly Walker—A young girl with the ability to concentrate and locate anyone in the world. Adopted by Matt Parkman.

West—A teenage boy who attends the same school as Claire. Has the power of flight and was tagged by Noah when he still worked for Primatech.

Previously on ‘Heroes’

Claire continued to be wooed by the flying schoolboy named West, who was bagged and tagged by her father Noah back in the day. Noah was paranoid after seeing one of Isaac’s lost paintings that depicted him getting killed while Claire watched. Noah got information from the Haitian that indicates the remaining Isaac paintings are somewhere in the Ukraine.

Molly Walker continued to have nightmares about the “bad man.” Matt Parkman teamed up with Nathan Petrelli and Mohinder to investigate the death of Kaito Nakamura and the attack against Angela Petrelli. They all eventually discovered that the “bad man” in Molly’s nightmares was Matt’s father. Molly used her ability to locate Matt’s father, but became trapped inside her own head once he attacked her.

Maya, Alejandro and Derek continued their journey north towards America. They stumbled upon a dehydrated and weakened Sylar and gave him a ride. Once Derek became aware that Alejandro and Maya were fugitives, he freaked out. Sylar, interested in the siblings because of their powers, killed Derek and continued driving Alejandro and Maya to the border.

Micah started bonding with his new relatives in New Orleans. His cousin Monica has an ability of her own. After observing someone doing something, she can do it herself. After observing Rey Mysterio Jr. do some professional wrestling, she learned to do the 619 and thwarted a robbery at the fast-food restaurant where she works.

The Recap—‘Fight or Flight’

Molly is still trapped inside her own dreams after encountering Matt’s father in the last episode. Mohinder tells Matt to go to Philadelphia and find her father if doing so will save Molly. Matt decides to meet with Angela Petrelli again and see if she knows anything about his father. Nathan Petrelli decides to tag along for the ride, despite Matt’s reservations.

Nathan flies Matt to Philadelphia and they arrive at his father’s apartment. They break in and find Matt’s father brandishing a shotgun. He’s freaked out because he received a photograph with the kanji symbol, indicating that he will be killed just like Kaito. Matt’s father has similar mind-reading powers, so Matt can’t read his mind without getting painful feedback.

Matt and Nathan question dear old dad about the supergroup he formed with Kaito, Angela and the rest of the old guard. Matt’s father gives Matt and Nathan a demonstration on just how powerful his abilities can be, trapping them in illusions that force them to confront their greatest fears. His duty done, the “nightmare man” leaves the apartment.

Nathan is trapped in a New York that was destroyed by an exploding Peter while Matt is trapped inside a prison cell. Nathan is confronted by the burned version of himself while Matt has to confront the child he left behind after he divorced his wife. The two end up fighting each other in their visions, but they don’t realize it. The two of them eventually wake up and come to their senses after Matt uses his abilities. Afterwards, Nathan discovers a photograph of Bob with the kanji on it, indicating that he’s the next target.

Mohinder is concerned about Molly’s help and calls Noah, who is traveling abroad with the Haitian. Mohinder wants to take Molly into the Company and see if they can help her, against Noah’s wishes. He takes Molly into the company and receives new orders from Bob. Niki makes her way into the Company’s facility and attacks Bob, but Mohinder stops the attack with a Taser. Later, Niki comes to her senses and apologizes to Bob for her multiple personality disorder. She explains to Mohinder that she’s there seeking treatment for her sickness.

Peter Petrelli was found inside of a shipping container a few nights ago without his memory. This week, someone named Elle came looking for him. Elle works for the Company and is interested in keeping Peter out of trouble. A dockworker tells Elle that Peter is staying at a local pub. Elle just happens to have the power to shoot electricity like Emperor Palpatine, so she can take care of herself when it comes to bringing Peter down.

Peter gets wind that Elle is looking for him. He goes to Caitlin’s cabin to escape his pursuer for the time being. He decides to open the box that holds the keys to his past and discovers a passport, a ticket and a picture of Nathan. Caitlin is a painter and has some canvases lying around, which leads Peter to use his Isaac-painting power and create some art. He paints two shadowy figures in front of a church.

Elle arrives at the pub, looking for Peter. She asks Ricky where Peter is, but he isn’t very forthcoming. In retaliation she unleashes her electricity powers on him. She gets a phone call from the company she works for and gets chewed out for killing Ricky. She talks to “Daddy,” who orders her to stop looking for Peter and come home.

Micah gets wind of Monica’s powers and figures out that she has the ability to mimic other people’s physical abilities. He shows her how his machine-talking powers work in order to ease her mind about her abilities. He gives her a 9th Wonders comic book about a “muscle mimic” who can copy physical abilities. The go out on the town and test out Monica’s abilities by having her emulate different people. After receiving orders from Bob, Mohinder visits Monica that night and offers her answers about her powers.

Back in the past, Hiro continues to help Takezo Kensei in his legendary journeys. Kensei finds the map to White Beard, which will allow them to rescue Yaeko’s father. White Beard has an entire army at his disposal, which is a tall order for Hiro, Kensei and Yaeko to defeat.

‘Heroes’ Highlights

After a few weeks wallowing in self-pity and a bottle of JD, Nathan Petrelli turned it around this week in spectacular fashion. Setting aside the scenes where he wrestled his own personal Two-Face to the ground and when he showed off an inexplicable ability to cock a shotgun better than John Wayne, our favorite moment had to be when Nathan dished out a little side-confidence to Parkman by knocking on the door to the struggling cop’s long-lost father. And if you liked that, tune in next week when Nathan calls all the girls Parkman was too nervous to speak to in high school and asks them out on dates.—Staff Writer Kiel Phegley

Kristen Bell made her “Heroes” debut as Elle, a bad girl who works for the Company. With the ability to shoot electricity from her hands (Elle, as in “electricity,” get it?), we now know where Peter “absorbed” that ability from, as it’s a good bet she came in close proximity to him when she put him into that cargo container in the first place. Also, I bet 10 bucks her daddy is none other than Bob, the bespectacled Midas touch guy who almost got choked to death by Niki last night.—Editorial Director Mel Caylo

When Micah brought out an issue of 9th Wonders to show Monica what kind of power she has, I wondered (heh), “Isn’t Isaac, the guy who wrote and drew the comic, dead?” Then I realized it was probably a back issue. But then I wondered (double heh), “Weren’t all of Isaac’s comics accounts of future events?” Does that mean there is a St. Joan character we can look forward to seeing in a future episode?—Editorial Director Mel Caylo

“Muscle mimic” Monica became the envy of piano students everywhere, matching Micah’s playing note for note without one lesson. Just imagine: “Für Elise” got you stumped? A couple minutes watching “Great Performances” on PBS and you’ll be back in front of your Xbox in no time! —Associate Editor Eric Moya

Parkman’s dad tricked his son and Nate by messing with their heads. You learn that not only can he read minds, but he can plant an entire reality into them, as well! Then he just waltzes out of his apartment, leaving them both within their own private hell.—Executive Editor Brian Cunningham

Parkman ain’t the only one with daddy issues. When Elle calls in to report back to her mysterious master after murdering Ricky, the voice on the other end is none too happy about her methods and orders her home. After much protest, an angry Elle hangs up after feebly apologizing, “Sorry, Daddy…it won’t happen again.” Who’s “Daddy”? That’s what we wanna know!—Executive Editor Brian Cunningham

A tense, emotional scene capped this week’s episode, smartly holding back the most gruesome details of Ricky’s charred corpse. But still, intensity is only one factor in making an ending a cliffhanger. So while we’re excited to see what’s up in Montreal, we’re not quite on the edge of our seats about it.—Staff Writer Kiel Phegley


Next Time on ‘Heroes’

Claire decides to teach the evil cheerleaders a lesson after they reject her from the squad. Noah continues his search for Isaac’s missing paintings in the Ukraine. Sylar continues driving Alejandro and Maya to the border, but the pair becomes suspicious of his intentions. Peter realizes he can’t hide from his past anymore and attempts to understand the meaning behind his mysterious painting.

[First Look!] Tony Daniel Batman sketches

Tony Daniel is going to draw Batman! And soon!

I've been a fan of Tony Daniel since his work on Excalibur. He's just got a detailed beautiful art style and had some of the cleanest and crisp pencils. He was made for Image comics, and that's where he moved to by pencilling some Spawn series and working on his own creator-work on titles like F5 and Silke, the latter of which was published by Dark Horse Comics.

Just check out his Batman sketches! It's like Jim Lee's art...only less "blocky" and smoother.

He draws some great women too...check out his Poison Ivy and Catwoman!

The new Batman artist takes a crack at the Dark Knight’s friends and foes!

By Ben Morse

Posted October 23, 2007 9:30 AM

Most tourists know better than to settle down in Gotham City for long, but new Batman regular artist Tony Daniel refuses to heed the warnings—he’s ready for a good, long stay in the Dark Knight’s hometown.

“I want to have a solid run on this book, like five years or something,” says the former Teen Titans artist. “I really want to establish myself as a Batman artist.”

In preparation for his extended vacation, Daniel opened his sketchbook to share his first runs at Gotham’s best and baddest.

“If I were doing a one-shot or graphic novel, I might play and experiment a bit more, but since I’m the ongoing artist it’s important to do a consistent and familiar look for Batman, but with my own zest thrown in. I’m artistically inspired by the guys I grew up with, like Neal Adams and Jim Aparo, then Jim Lee is the modern master of Batman, but it’s very important to me that my look is very much my own. It’s my own modern take on what I grew up with.”

“I think he’s creepy when he’s lanky and skinny. I wanted to catch the madness in his eyes and smile rather than with huge teeth or anything that looks like a caricature. I’ve made him a little less exaggerated.”

“She has to be a sexy woman who can be alluring enough so that just by standing there you to fall into her trap. I’d be her next victim. [Laughs]”

“I like [the look Darwyn Cooke designed] a lot, except for the goggles. [Laughs] I like when you can see her face. She has a very sophisticated look. I picture Natalie Portman in my head.”

“I was thinking she should have a big mouth, so when she laughs it’s really loud and annoying. She’s little and acrobatic and has more of an athletic build, so I tried to get that across here.”

Tony Daniel starts his stint with Batman #670, and you can see more of Daniel’s Bat-sketches in Wizard #194—both on sale Oct. 31!