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Marvel Mondays: X-Men

I'm not one for the X-men and X-Universe anymore. While one of my favourite characters remains Deadpool and I've been following the X-titles faithfully for years, I stopped right as Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely were starting their run on the title they renamed as New X-Men.

How silly, as it was one of the best X-men arcs for years. I've got all the TPBs of their run though, so no worries there. However, I still haven't gotten back into the X-universe since I stopped buying the single issues. I purchased the House of M mini-series but that was more of a company-wide event that HAPPENED to have mutants at the core of the story.

The only X-title that I DO get is Astonishing X-Men, by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday. And that one is pretty much self-contained in itself anyway. And it's a brilliant must-get book that Marvel puts out. It's an X-title, but I don't see it as being one.

But the new Messiah Complex storyline seems interesting and though I know I won't really be purchasing it, if it's interesting enough, I might get the TPB!

With ‘Messiah Complex’ looming, writer Mike Carey gives six straight answers about X-Men #204 this week
By Brian Warmoth
Posted October 22, 2007 11:45 AM

Sinister and Exodus are both breathing down the necks of the X-Men with the clock counting down to the fall mega-event Messiah Complex. This week’s X-Men #204 sets the stage as “Endangered Species” careens toward a halt. Writer Mike Carey fielded six big questions about what’s going on in his X-books, as Marvel offers an exclusive glimpse of what will take place.

WIZARD: The story for issue #204 is titled as an epilogue. What’s going to be ending, and are the events in the story going to be setting any sort of tone for things to come?

CAREY: It’s an epilogue to the “Blinded By the Light” story arc, most obviously, but in another sense it’s an epilogue to everything we’ve been doing since “Supernovas.” Rogue’s team is in terminal disarray, the X-Men are reeling from the events of the past few days, and we all know something really big is about to hit the fan. So we take the opportunity to play out some of the emotional beats arising from the intense action of recent issues, touching base with Iceman, Cannonball, Cyclops, Rogue, Gambit, Mystique, Sinister and others. And yeah, it’s a prologue as well as an epilogue, because it ends with a very significant event which feeds straight into Ed’s Messiah Complex one-shot.

Who is a bigger threat right now, the Marauders or the Acolytes? And how do their plights compare to each other right now?

CAREY: Well, the scariest thing is that these two groups—each formidable in itself—have managed to join forces despite the different perspectives of their leaders and their not entirely compatible agendas. Are the Marauders or the Acolytes the bigger threat? Hard to say, but if I had to call it I’d say the Marauders: Exodus has more raw power, but Sinister is the deeper schemer, harder to read and harder to reason with. You just know that in his mind, everyone and everything is potentially expendable. There’s no safety net with this guy. And the Marauders now have Mystique in their ranks. Can you think of any female character in the X-verse who’d be more formidable or more terrifying to go up against? I can’t.

What is Blindfold’s status now? Is she totally healed and in the clear?

CAREY: She’s stable, and she’s no longer in any danger as far as her physical condition is concerned. She knew what she was doing, and although she cut it as close as it could be cut, she survived. There are a number of Blindfold beats in this issue, and again we see her looking forward to what’s about to happen. For more of Ruth’s own story, though, you’ll have to wait until next year: There are some major revelations in store there.

When are we going to find out what she woke up screaming about?

CAREY: Very soon. In fact, on Oct. 31...

Have we seen the last of Dark Beast in the “Endangered Species” storyline, or will he be showing up again in Chapter 17? If not, does he still have a role to play as things unfold?

CAREY: Dark Beast isn’t going to be playing any further role either in “Endangered Species” or in Messiah Complex. But you can bet we didn’t bring him in just for the sake of this one story: He’s back in play, and he’s got ideas of his own arising out of the little journey of discovery he’s just been on. Look to see the Doc in a major X-book in 2008.

How about Mystique and Iceman? After she spared his life with a sharp threat in #203, are the two of them going to be able to avoid one another with everything going on at the moment?

CAREY: No comment. But again, the way that relationship played out has left a number of things hanging. Mystique in particular showed an unaccustomed vulnerability at the moment when she was seeing the fulfillment of some very long-term schemes. The unfinished business will be finished, but I can’t say when or where.

For a sneak peek at the upcoming X-events, check out these pages from X-Men #204:

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