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"Heroes" Worship: 8 Oct 2007

More reviews of the latest episode of Heroes screened in the US!

Get caught up on last night’s episode of ‘Heroes’ with our in-depth recap!

By Wade Gum

Posted October 9, 2007 12:00 PM

What’s the Excitement About?

In case you you just stepped off the space shuttle and missed last year’s television season, “Heroes” is NBC’s newest hit show masterminded by Tim Kring. The series follows ordinary people with extraordinary abilities and their attempts to sort out their lives and save the world.

Last season’s chief protagonist was Peter Petrelli, a male nurse who has the ability to absorb and retain the power of any other superpowered being he comes into contact with. He was relentlessly pursued by Sylar, a murderous villain who can also take powers, but only by killing other people who possess them. Throughout the season, Peter and his allies worked to prevent an apocalyptic vision in which New York was destroyed from coming true.

Hero Roll Call

Claire Bennet—The biological daughter of Nathan Petrelli. A cheerleader with the power to rapidly heal from injuries.

Noah Bennet—Adoptive father of Claire. Possesses no superpowers and once worked for the villainous Primatech Paper Co.

D.L. Hawkins—Husband of Niki and father of Micah, with the power to phase through solid objects.

Alejandro and Maya Herrera—A brother and sister from Central America. Maya has a deadly power and a disease that specifically kills superpowered individuals. Alejandro seems to have the ability to counteract his sister’s power.

Hiro Nakamura—Son of Kaito Nakamura. Has the ability to manipulate time.

Matt Parkman—NYPD officer with the ability to hear people’s thoughts.

Nathan Petrelli—Brother of Peter Petrelli. Former politician. Has the power of flight.

Peter Petrelli—Brother of Nathan Petrelli. Has the ability to absorb and retain powers.

Micah Sanders—Son of D.L. and Niki. He has the ability to “talk” to technological devices.

Niki Sanders—Wife of D.L. and mother of Micah, with an alternate personality that possesses super-strength.

Mohinder Suresh—A professor of genetics in search of superpowered individuals.

Sylar—The central villain of the show. His power is the ability to determine how things work. With this ability, he kills superpowered individuals and steals their abilities.

Molly Walker—A young girl with the ability to locate anyone in the world. Adopted by Matt Parkman.

Previously on ‘Heroes’

Hiro continued his quest to transform Takezo Kensei into a hero at any cost. He donned the armor of the legendary hero and got close to the swordmaker’s daughter. Eventually, Hiro persuaded Kensei to step up and take a proactive role. Kensei got a few arrows in his chest for his trouble, but discovered that he has a healing ability similar to Claire’s.

Peter Petrelli ran afoul of some smugglers who hold the secrets to his identity. If he helps them with their criminal schemes, they’ll give him a box that holds some clues. Noah Bennet is shocked to learn of Kaito Nakamura’s death and begins a quest to obtain the rest of Isaac’s lost paintings. Matt Parkman continued to investigate Kaito’s death and questioned Angela Petrelli about the mysterious kanji the murderer is using. According to Ando, the kanji means “great ability” and is the crest of Takezo Kensei.

The Recap—‘Kindred’

In order to get the mysterious box back, Peter has to help the criminals rob an armored car. He does his part and, using his powers, helps the criminals steal a locked box full of cash. When one of the criminals attempts a double-cross, Peter gets shot. He heals from the wounds and takes out the criminal with his powers. Peter nearly kills the man before coming to his senses. Peter receives the mysterious box but decides not to open it for now.

Alejandro and Maya continue their trek onward to America. Alejandro’s attempt to steal a car goes awry and the police arrest him. Maya goes to the jail and tries to get her brother out, but she doesn’t have enough money. She gets herself arrested on purpose, triggering her deadly powers and killing everyone in the jail besides Alejandro. With the guards dead, she frees her brother. Alejandro uses his ability to counteract his sister’s power and resurrects everyone. They free a fellow prisoner and the three make their way to the border in his car.

We finally learn what’s up with Niki and Micah as they leave Las Vegas without D.L., who has passed away. They relocate to New Orleans and make a promise to stop using their powers in order to have a normal life. Niki drops Micah off with family he doesn’t even know while she seeks a cure for her superpower disease. In exchange for the cure, Primatech will want something in return from Niki.

The villainous Sylar wakes up on a Maui beach next to Candice. She pulled Sylar away from Kirby Plaza and is monitoring Sylar for an unknown benefactor. But the beach is just an illusion. Sylar is really in a dirty backroom with lots of stitches in him. Sylar attempts to use his powers again, but doesn’t have much luck. Apparently, the injury has caused Sylar to lose the powers he obtained.

Sylar cons Candice into trusting him and then attacks her, apparently stealing her ability to project illusions. Without the ability to project illusions, Candice is a bit on the heavy side. Unfortunately for Sylar, the procedure he uses doesn’t work anymore and he can’t use Candice’s powers as his own.

Kensei manages to survive the ordeal and returns home with the scroll in hand, much to the delight of Hiro and the swordmaster’s daughter. Hiro is confident that Kensei has turned over a new leaf and prepares to return to his time. Kensei is worried that he’ll fall back on his bad habits if Hiro leaves, but Hiro has the utmost confidence in his hero. In the end, Hiro can’t bring himself to return home, only because he loves the swordmaster’s daughter so much.


Oh, that crafty Hiro Nakamura! Hiding letters in the hilt of Kensei’s sword is just the kind of time-travel trickery that only 20-something office nerds from Japan and teenage metalheads from California could come up with—although our boy better be counting his lucky stars that Ando looked in there at the right time. If we had such a hard schedule of pretending to work, we’re not sure we would’ve stumbled on the little scrolls hidden for hundreds of years.—Staff Writer Kiel Phegley

After “Heroes” dispatched one “Star Trek” alumnus with the death last episode of George Takei’s (Sulu) character, Kaito Nakamura, the show brings on another with the casting of Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) to play Micah’s relative in New Orleans. When’s Leonard Nimoy coming on?—Editorial Director Mel Caylo

Amnesiac Peter tries verbal commands to summon his electrical powers, to no avail. How about pressing your ring and middle fingers to your palm? That seems to work for other superpowered Peters...—Associate Editor Eric Moya

When Maya and Alejandro escape the Mexican prison with a fellow inmate who claims to have a car, not only does the bohemian dude own a brand-spankin’-new vehicle, it just happens to be a Nissan Rogue, the same car HRG gave to Claire—and one of the sponsors of the show. Maybe he stole Claire’s car, and that’s why he’s in jail?—Editorial Director Mel Caylo

So after two weeks of not knowing what happened with Niki, D.L. and Micah, we get two out of three, but D.L. is 6 feet under? So did he die of those gunshot wounds suffered in last season’s finale and we never got to see it? If so, that’s pretty lame. Of course, it’s also possible something happened during that four-month gap, so perhaps it’s unfair to label this a waste quite yet.—Staff Writer Ben Morse

Now that “Rock of Love” has ended and I was devastated by Bret Michaels and Jes not living happily ever after, I need a new love story to root for, and shy guy Hiro’s courtship of the swordsmith’s daughter in Japan circa 1671 may fit the bill. Unfortunately, with the young beauty destined to end up with Takezo Kensei, I’m worried I could end up playing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and crying into my pillow again.—Staff Writer Ben Morse

In Isaac’s painting prophesizing HRG’s death, who’s that shadowy figure standing beside Claire?—Associate Editor Eric Moya

Not really a cliffhanger this week, as no big twist or crazy reveal popped up to end the episode. But the quiet, tense scene between burgeoning enemies Claire and Noah Bennet still gave us chills, so kudos for that!—Staff Writer Kiel Phegley


Next Time on ‘Heroes’

Noah looks into his daughter’s activities and a rejuvenated Nathan Petrelli teams up with Matt to discover the secret behind the original heroes and the villain who haunts Molly’s dreams.

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