Friday, October 12, 2007

Looking for a penciller/artist for comic strip features originally written for 28 Geeks Later!

Well, the joint blog that Theo and I had is pretty much in limbo right now, since Theo's got his exams around the corner, meaning he won't be contributing anything anytime soon.

Which is a shame because we've had so many ideas that we've posted there and I've crafted so many scripts that were going to be drawn by Theo. He hasn't had time to do that, being a full-time student, and I don't think he'll be updating or drawing anytime soon, seeing as how he's going back to Singapore once he's done and he'll hvae other priorities.

But I wanted to keep everything alive, so I'm in the process of transferring the scripts and Last Man Standing features I've crafted and posted on that blog over here.

In lieu of Theo not being able to do anything creatively for a while, but me wanting to proceed so that our scripts won't go to waste, I'd like to find another collaborative partner who can draw/pencil and create those written scripts to life in comic strip panel format.

If you're interested in being part of the creative process and creating a comic strip based on scripts that I've written, please contact me at the following e-mail address:

Send me some samples of your artwork! At the moment there isn't any pay involved and the only real benefit is that you'll be able to hone your drawing skills and create some strips that will be jointly yours. Perhaps that would be a stepping stone or a platform for your work to be showcased and you might be able to get recognised and break into the comic industry!

Hope someone or anyone reading this will respond asap.

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