Monday, October 8, 2007

Have got some new stuff to read...purchased and borrowed!

Back from the weekend! And it was a pretty busy weekend for us, because we had our housewarming party on Saturday! But since this is a comics/pop culture/entertainment-centric blog, I'll leave the actual details of the housewarming to the other blog.

But there were some comic-centric/entertainment stuff. First off, we received heaps of presents for the housewarming! So sweet of people to actually get us so much stuff...and there was some stuff that was really expensive too! I won't talk about the flowers/wine/dinneware stuff we got, but Marcelo & Kim got us the Super Paper Mario game for the Wii and Dean & Emily got us a Wii controller with the Wii Play game! That extra Wii controller certainly came in handy and we were able to have lots of fun playing Mario Party 8 and Wii Sports with three players! Haven't tried (or even opened up) Super Paper Mario yet though.

Dean lent me a whole heap of comics too, including Tom Strong and Marvel Team-Up. He borrowed a number of comics from me too, including Spider-man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do HC, Ex Machina Vols.4-5 TPBs, What If?...Why Not? TPB and The Complete Bite Club TPB. Oh yeah, Dean's birthday party is next Saturday and he's invited Aeris and I to go...but we can't go because we're having Eddy & Jane and Marcelo & Kim over! But I wanted to get Dean a birthday pressie anyway.

So yesterday when I was in Classic Comics, I picked up Preacher Vol.8 which I had ordered in and paid for, then also got myself TPBs of Dr Strange: The Oath and Y - The Last Man Vol.9. I don't think Dean reads this blog at all, apart from the first time I directed him here, so I think it's safe to say that I got him Ex Machina Vols.1-2. If you DO read this Birthday! Not much of a surprise anymore!

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