Monday, October 8, 2007

Thor Casting Call

Yay yay! Thor is going to be a movie to be released in 2009!

Here's Wizard's take on who would best be suited to play the characters in the movie.

Marvel’s ‘Thor’ hits the fast track, but who can play a god?

By Kiel Phegley

Posted October 6, 2007 12:00 PM

The forecast for 2009 calls for a massive thunderstorm! Marvel Films recently announced that it has found a director for the long-rumored movie about Marvel mainstay Thor in the form of “Stardust” director Matthew Vaughan. While the British helmer was once attached to “X-Men: The Last Stand,” this time, he’ll be crafting a superhero story from square one based on a script by Mark Protosevich (“I Am Legend”). Here’s a rundown on the perfect cast to call down the thunder in theaters!

Kevin McKidd as Thor
With a hefty dose of Scottish swagger, the gravelly voiced star of NBC’s “Journeyman” exudes the perfect attitude to bring the Thunder God to theaters. Add that to McKidd’s sword-swinging action résumé in HBO’s “Rome” and the recent “The Last Legion,” and you’ve got Mjolnir’s new master.

Jesse Spencer as Donald Blake
Thor’s physician alter ego needs to have the same look as his godly counterpart, but with a much frailer physique. “House” co-star Spencer has the perfect mix of charm and nerdiness.

Linda Cardellini as Jane Foster
Blake’s assistant needs a specific kind of gal Friday sexy, and “E.R.” actress Cardellini exudes more than enough “girl next door” hotness to coerce fans into scheduling multiple doctor’s appointments.

Cillian Murphy as Loki
Previous roles in “Batman Begins” and “Red Eye” were scary enough, but with a touch of CGI, Murphy’s take on the persuasive and perverse trickster god Loki could be the most frightening comic villain in screen history.

Kate Beckinsale as Lady Sif
Female furies who kick ass and carry big swords are hard to find. Luckily, Beckinsale can pull off the action heroine part (a la “Underworld”) without snuffing out her smoldering hotness.

It would certainly be great to have Cillian Murphy as Loki. Kate Beckinsale as Sif doesn't look like a bad choice either!

Jesse Spencer as Donald Blake eh? If he could lose that Aussie accent, perhaps.

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