Wednesday, October 24, 2007

[First Look!] Tony Daniel Batman sketches

Tony Daniel is going to draw Batman! And soon!

I've been a fan of Tony Daniel since his work on Excalibur. He's just got a detailed beautiful art style and had some of the cleanest and crisp pencils. He was made for Image comics, and that's where he moved to by pencilling some Spawn series and working on his own creator-work on titles like F5 and Silke, the latter of which was published by Dark Horse Comics.

Just check out his Batman sketches! It's like Jim Lee's art...only less "blocky" and smoother.

He draws some great women too...check out his Poison Ivy and Catwoman!

The new Batman artist takes a crack at the Dark Knight’s friends and foes!

By Ben Morse

Posted October 23, 2007 9:30 AM

Most tourists know better than to settle down in Gotham City for long, but new Batman regular artist Tony Daniel refuses to heed the warnings—he’s ready for a good, long stay in the Dark Knight’s hometown.

“I want to have a solid run on this book, like five years or something,” says the former Teen Titans artist. “I really want to establish myself as a Batman artist.”

In preparation for his extended vacation, Daniel opened his sketchbook to share his first runs at Gotham’s best and baddest.

“If I were doing a one-shot or graphic novel, I might play and experiment a bit more, but since I’m the ongoing artist it’s important to do a consistent and familiar look for Batman, but with my own zest thrown in. I’m artistically inspired by the guys I grew up with, like Neal Adams and Jim Aparo, then Jim Lee is the modern master of Batman, but it’s very important to me that my look is very much my own. It’s my own modern take on what I grew up with.”

“I think he’s creepy when he’s lanky and skinny. I wanted to catch the madness in his eyes and smile rather than with huge teeth or anything that looks like a caricature. I’ve made him a little less exaggerated.”

“She has to be a sexy woman who can be alluring enough so that just by standing there you to fall into her trap. I’d be her next victim. [Laughs]”

“I like [the look Darwyn Cooke designed] a lot, except for the goggles. [Laughs] I like when you can see her face. She has a very sophisticated look. I picture Natalie Portman in my head.”

“I was thinking she should have a big mouth, so when she laughs it’s really loud and annoying. She’s little and acrobatic and has more of an athletic build, so I tried to get that across here.”

Tony Daniel starts his stint with Batman #670, and you can see more of Daniel’s Bat-sketches in Wizard #194—both on sale Oct. 31!

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