Thursday, October 25, 2007

Girls and Dr Strange: The Oath!

Not much today in terms of updates that interest me on the Wizard Universe website.

I finished reading Vols.3 and 4 of the Luna Brothers' Girls. While it may sound like it, it certainly isn't THAT kind of comic! On the contrary...while it DOES feature naked girls running around a small American town, the story has sci-fi and drama roots.

What basically happens is that one night, this girl appears buck naked in front of our hero, resident loser of his town who's going through some relationship problems with his ex. Of course, he doesn't turn down the opportunity and sleeps with her.

The very next day, something really strange happens: the naked girl starts laying eggs! The eggs grow bigger and bigger and finally hatch...only for more naked girls that are a clone of the original one to come out! And these women seem to have only two goals in mind: kill the women of the town and sleep with as many men as possible so they could produce more eggs and thus, more of their kind.

The town is thrown into upheaval and no one can trust each other. The women don't trust the men because they think the men just want to have sex with the naked girls and thus, multiply their numbers, giving them superior numbers against the town's women. The men hate that the women don't trust them that the can keep their willies to themselves. There's a lot of killing, a lot of deaths, and a whole lot of nudity.

While the ending was a bit blah, the series was quite fascinating with its insight to the human psyche and how humans behaved when placed in extraordinary circumstances under high pressure conditions. There are the people you just can't help but hate: the ugly-deep-down inside woman who bullies her husband with her "I must control everything" personality, the gold digger from China who put up with her husband only because she wanted the material richness of being associated with the family, the assclown of a man who isn't satisfied with his marriage and thus goes on a sex-romp/orgy with the naked girls, even though it's a bad idea to sleep with them in the first place.

It's full of drama and elements of science fiction. I really enjoy the drama aspects...I like reality TV so this series was really good for me to examine the behaviour of humans. And the Luna Brothers have beautiful artwork and a pretty good story to boot. The premise is awesome but the ending was a letdown. If you get a chance to check out this series, I'd recommend it heartily.

Started on Dr Strange: The Oath as well. Finished the first chapter where it's revealed that Wong has an inoperable tumour and only has three months to live. Dr Strange refuses to accept this and goes on a journey to find a cure. It's really funny so far, with the story opening up in a hospital where Arana and Iron Fist are making smalltalk while waiting for the Night Nurse to attend to their injuries.

Can't wait to read the rest of it tonight!

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