Monday, October 1, 2007

One of my favourite comics: Preacher

I've been reading Preacher again since I've been trying to assemble my Preacher collection of TPBs in Australia (I've got the set at home, but this series is WAY too good that it'd be worth collecting a second set here in Oz!). Have every TPB with the exception of Vol.8 and that one's already been placed on order for me at Classic Comics.

Preacher is just simply, for the lack of a better word, awesome. It's absolutely hilarious for one...not many people, save Garth Ennis, can make me chuckle out loud on the spot. It's depraved, it's wicked, it's black humour at its finest. It's a cocktail mix of sex, violence, religion, world events, history, commentary on social culture...take all those elements, shake them up and add a touch of pathos...and you have one of the most brilliant series I have ever read.

It's not for the faint of heart though. If you're a deeply religious person who's way too serious about faith and can't step outside what's taught to you in Sunday School every week, then Preacher is definitely not for you. But if you're pretty open to suggestion and can enjoy a laugh at the lighter (and alternative and darker) side of Christianity, then by all means, you'll find Preacher not just really fun to read, but also makes you think that much harder about your religion and even allows you to take a look at it from another side.

Preacher, while sounding very much like some sort of religion-based book, is anything but. Yes, the story has its roots firmly entrenched in Christianity, but it's not a preachy book by any means. It's the story of love and friendship and how one man decides he's not going to take any bullshit from anyone else and seeks to set everything right with the world. That's not quite the exact plot, but to say anything more specific would just give the plot away...and Preacher is high on surprises and cliffhanger endings.

There are several endearing characters in the Preacher mythos though. Would you like to meet a teenager with the face of an arse? What about an Irish hard-drinking, no bullshit-taking, I-can-kick-your-balls-into-the-stratosphere vampire? Or a German ex-special forces operative who's bald head resembles that of a giant penis? Then there are other crazy characters, like the Kingpin-sized Allfather D'aronique, who's the leader of the organisation which controls the world from the shadows. Allfather D'aronique eats and eats and eats and needs a forklift to move him around...but he's BULIMIC! Then there's the Saint of Killers, a nasty sumbitch who's pretty much untouchable, and he wreaks the Lord's vengeance upon those who need to be smited.

Classic characters, a brilliant storyline and so much humour and intensity packed in within the pages. Everyone knows how much I love Alan Moore's stuff, especially his ABC comics work like Top Ten and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen...but believe me, I love Preacher even MORE.

Get it today! Or at least buy the first TPB and read it and see what the fuss is all about. You'll be pleasantly surprised that you took up this recommendation!

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