Monday, October 15, 2007

By the new Ross costume's early light

As posted last week, Captain America is going to have a new costume! But with a twist...and one I do not enjoy.

5 burning questions with writer Ed Brubaker about Captain America’s new threads

By Brian Warmoth

Posted October 12, 2007 11:30 AM

Yesterday, Marvel premiered Captain America’s new, shinier Alex Ross design for the coming year, and the American hero looks like he’ll be entering 2008 with guns a-blazing. Writer Ed Brubaker talked about the gun and a few other key points about the design and the future of his blockbuster series’ lead character.

WIZARD: What do you like the most about Alex’s design work?

BRUBAKER: He’s got a classic sense of heroic costume design. His design work reminds me in some ways of the work John Romita did on new designs in the ’70s.

Who’s behind the mask?

BRUBAKER: Like I’m going to tell you. It’s Gwen Stacy’s clone.

Is this the first time since Dick Purcell in 1944 that Captain America has wielded a gun?

BRUBAKER: No. In the late ’60s there was a Cap novel called The Great Gold Steal where he carried a gun, I believe, and I think he’s used a gun a small number of times since then. But this is the first time it’s been part of his uniform.

What does this image say about the story you’re writing?

BRUBAKER: It’s a costume design. It doesn’t say anything. Hopefully it tells you to read the comics, if anything.

Did you have any input on this costume?

BRUBAKER: Yeah, I was there the whole way through, giving input, as was Steve Epting. Ultimately, though, the original and final designs came down to Alex’s handiwork: taking his original concept sketches, incorporating the ideas we all could agree on and just making it look good.

I wanted a belt buckle, but everyone else shot me down.

A GUN!? A fricking gun!? Ugh, no!

Captain America should be like Batman: he don't need no stinking guns to get the job done. In fact, I'm a bit perturbed about the whole black colour element added to the costume. Why black? What is he mourning? What is he symbolising? Is the black for added stealth, and if so, why continue having the blue, red and white then?

Ugh, no guns please. :( I realise that Captain America is a soldier and he probably has been trained in the use of firearms (and possibly used some against the Nazis in World War II), but this is Captain frickin' America! He doesn't need a gun! All he needs is his trusty shield and he'll mow down enemies faster than any gatling gun could ever hope to achieve without jamming!

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