Tuesday, October 9, 2007

GI. Joe rolls out

Did you know there was going to be a G.I. Joe big screen adaptation movie coming to cinemas sometime soon? It's one of my favourite 80s cartoon properties, so hopefully they'll get it right, just like the creators of the Transformers got it right.

Wizard has some suggestions on how the movie can be as good as Transformers:

Five ways the ’80s toy flick can take cue from ‘Transformers’

By Kiel Phegley

Posted October 8, 2007 2:50 PM

It’s time for a Real American Hero to get…well, real. Hot on the heels of the summer hit “Transformers,” director Stephen Sommers (“Van Helsing”) and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura (“Stardust”) are set to adapt “G.I. Joe” for the big screen. But before the Joes and the minions of Cobra join the summer blockbuster rank and file, they should take the time to learn a lesson from their fellow toyshelf team’s Hollywood success.

GET A HOT YOUNG CAST It’ll take more than the inclusion of Snake-Eyes and Timber to pique the interest of the general public, and that’s why casting Megan Fox-like actresses of the “O.C.” generation is a must for Scarlett, the Baroness and the other ladies of the Joe universe.

FANBOY EASTER EGGS Of course, there’s a reason these characters have survived so long, and small nods to longtime fans, from original cartoon dialogue to the inclusion of vehicles modeled after the toys, will go a long way to converting the faithful.

LESS CONTINUITY Yeah, Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow once belonged to the same ninja clan, but with only two hours to tell a story, this introduction should keep it short and sweet, just like “Transformers” jettisoned long-winded explanations of the leadership matrix and energon cubes in favor of big action.

SMALLER SQUADRONS With over a hundred Joes comprising the cartoon and comic casts, the mythology of G.I. Joe can be a confusing sell. Just like the quick introduction of core Autobots, a Joe movie shouldn’t stray far beyond Duke, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett and Flint.

BIG TIME BOOM More than anything, “G.I. Joe” needs to have the energy and the epic scale of destruction “Transformers” seemed to do effortlessly. The future of the country—and maybe the world—should hang in the balence and make us believe Cobra’s a real threat and the Joe’s are our only hope.

Hot dang! Megan Fox-like actresses to play the Joe and Cobra hotties? Sign me up to watch the movie over and over again now! Seriously though, I couldn't agree more. I know it should be fairly realistic and all that, since the Joes (and perhaps Cobra) will have a military background, but there's no reason they can't be fit/buff AND look good.

I also agree that the just need to concentrate on the core characters and not get bogged down by the hundreds of Joe characters out there. Think X-Men 2, where they've got a core cast and everyone else was relegated to making cameos. You'd be able to tell a good, tight story, but at the same time, give fans what they want by giving other favourite characters cameos.

They need to update some of the costumes to make them look realistic too. It'd be kinda funny seeing Shipwreck wearing his Village People navy clothes, even though they WERE really part of the Navy uniform from years ago.

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