Friday, October 12, 2007

Transformers webcomic script take 1

As I said in the previous post, I'm starting to transfer the fleshed-out webcomic scripts I've written on 28 Geeks Later over here. Here's the very first one that I scripted way back on Wednesday, 4 July 2007:

Panel 1 - Devastator (the tank) is rolling across the street, crushing all manners of vehicles in its path.

"GRAH! I am Demolisher, puny humans! Feel my wrath!"

Panel 2 - Random editor sticks his head into the panel. He tells the robot: "Uhm, actually, since there hasn't been any Transformer by that n
ame, we're changing your name to 'Brawl', since there's already a Combaticon by that name. Carry on."

Panel 3 - Devastator transforms and starts picking up humans and flinging them across the panel.

"GRAH! I am Brawl, puny humans! Feel my fury!"

Panel 4 - The same editor sticks his head into the panel again. He tells the robot: "Uh...just did some checking. Your name's listed as 'Devastator' in the movie, so that's what you're called from now on. Pleas
e continue."

Panel 5 - Devastator looks bemused and starts stomping on random vehicles.

"GRAH! I am Devastator, puny humans! Feel my power!"

Panel 6 - Same editor sticking his head in again. "Uh...I've been told by Hasbro execs that there's a Devastator already and he's one of the main characters in the next movie, so..."

Panel 7 - Devastator, obviously annoyed at the editor, tears his head off and chomps it down. Half of the editor's body can still be seen in the panel with blood dripping from the now headless neck.

Panel 8 - Devastator resumes the carnage.

"GRAH! I am annoyed at stupid continuity changes. Kill all fleshlings!"

Not the best script in the world. But hey, that was my very first attempt at writing a webcomic strip/script.

I'm sure Theo won't mind, but I'll also put up his initial pencils for what he envisioned as a completed strip:

I'd love to get someone who can finish up the scripts that I'm about to post over the next couple of days. I'm thinking one script per day...should be a month before I'm through moving all the finished scripts. Enjoy!

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