Monday, October 1, 2007

Which Thor costume is better?

Today's Great Debate: Which Thor costume is better?

Which Thor Costume Is Better?

Posted September 29, 2007 9:35 AM

Before I harp on the majestic brilliance of Thor’s classic costume, let me simply say this about the new one: The guy needs chainmail?! He’s the son of Odin, a freakin’ god on Earth who commands storm clouds! Not only does it seems redundant for the Hulk’s most well-matched brawlin’ buddy to wear armor, but the conductivity of the metal alone seems counterproductive while wielding the mythical hammer that is the world’s best lightning rod. And what is the purpose of hiding the Asgardian arms that have beat back the likes of Loki and Hercules? If you’ve got god-given guns, you better flaunt ’em, because there is no better way to intimidate the monsters of Midgard than showing off a pair of perfectly sculpted hammer-hefters! That said, I don’t even need to mention the pure awesomeness of a tunic that turns into a pair of undies below the belt, but oh wait, I just did! -Jim Gibbons

It’s an ugly, dirty world out there full of fire demons, ice giants and government troops looking to draft you into the Superhuman Registration movement—so you can bet your sweet Asgardian ass you need an equipment upgrade now and again! First off, Marvel didn’t muck with the Thunder God’s must-haves: Thor still sports the regal red cape, the basic black chest tunic complete with armor-disc bling and the imposing knee-high sh--kickers. However, the Son of Odin has successfully ditched his tighty-whities on the outside, making way for an under-armor look that an NFL all-pro would kill to have; hey, you think Hulk or Loki don’t hit below the belt? And Thor’s tickets to the gun show are still valid, baby; now they’re just laminated for his protection. Throw in that streamlined helmet—the wings have been reduced and the headpiece lowered to guard Thor’s supermodel looks—and you’ve got a Thunder God generating 1.21 gigawatts of awesome! -Andy Serwin

Personally, I prefer the classic Thor costume. The current one certainly looks more regal, befitting a god, plus it looks more adequate for a warrior who's job is to smite others. But call me a stickler...I like the old costume better!

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