Friday, October 5, 2007

Living Between Wednesdays is just awesome!

I enjoy reading the blog entries from Living Between Wednesdays. Heck, it's because of Living Between Wednesdays that I decided to start up my own blog dedicated to comics and pop culture (though most of it is cut-and-paste stuff from Wizard Universe, I must admit)! And I really enjoyed reading THIS entry:

Rating the Super Hunks #15: Daredevil

Pretty current with the Daredevil stuff I'm reading now. The entry is so much fun! It's funny, it's got witty commentary, and best of all, it AGREES that Ben Affleck should never have been Daredevil, his buddy Matt Damon should have been!

Love the way she's posted all those panels where Daredevil has uttered some double entendre lines. The first one about grabbing the pole is just classic.

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