Monday, October 15, 2007

Armageddon Expo was a blast!

Hey all! Back from the weekend and the awesomeness that was Armageddon Expo. I'll post up more details about the Expo some other time...when I've got more free time and when I've got photos to show!

I'll happily report that I didn't overspend at the Expo, with my most expensive purchase being a $50 Palomar HC. I spent less than $100 on stuff at the Expo ($99 to be exact! Though I didn't count the Expo entry or lunch or brekkie for the day), which is kinda outstanding because there was SOOOOO much stuff I wanted to buy, being exposed to merchandise and comics and all sorts of other stuff at such a huge pop culture, comics and entertainment expo.

So yay! I'm glad I managed to exercise a bit of self-restraint because I need to be quite stingy with my expenses for the next three weeks or so. Need to pay the rent which is going to be due soon, and my parents are going to be here next week for my graduation, which means we'll be going out for lunches and dinners quite a fair bit. Of course we're not going to let my parents pay for anything! So we've got to tighten our beltstrings a bit for the next couple of weeks at least.

Oh yeah, I spotted the Palomar HC at the Classic Comics booth and I remembered reading briefly about it in a book about graphic novels that one should read. It's a pretty thick HC and it's from the Love and Rockets series by the Hernandez Brothers, and though there was some other stuff I was looking to pick up, I decided to get that instead since I hadn't seen that HC available in any of the other comic shops before (not that I've been really looking hard, to be honest). And I managed to pick up quite the steal, the first volume of the Yotsuba manga for only $5! Which is amazing considering the cover price is US$9.99, it's a pretty popular manga AND it's the first volume! Yippee!

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