Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Marvel Mondays: Bendis and Cho

Mighty Avengers #5 is out this week! And about time...seems like way too long since I last read #4!

Big big fan of Brian Bendis' writing (he's my favourite comic book scribe after all, just edging out Alan Moore) and a big fan of Frank Cho's art as well. I wish I could get all the Liberty Meadows TPBs that Cho has put out over the years. Perhaps in the future when I have heaps of disposable income.

Anyway, this from Wizard Universe:

Brian Michael Bendis offers a look at Frank Cho’s shocking inks in this week’s Mighty Avengers #5

By Brian Warmoth

Posted October 15, 2007 12:15 PM

Tony Stark got his post-Civil War just desserts when his newly integrated armor turned him into a new, sexier version of Ultron modeled after Janet Pym. Since his dramatic Midtown transformation, the Mighty Avengers have been scrapping it out with the metallic beauty and trying to prevent Hank Pym’s creation from starting a nuclear holocaust. Last issue, Jan-tron took the fight to Sentry’s wife Lindy and snapped her neck as part of a so-called “Plan B” that also included summoning Iron Man’s entire wardrobe from the last few decades.

This week, the battle against the armor rages on as Cho gets as provocative as ever. “We’re still in that same crazy day,” Bendis explains. “Tony is still a woman.”

The story heats up in issue #5 as Hank Pym becomes a major player and gets crafty with some unlikely electronics. “He’s using parts of a Commodore 64,” Bendis says. “There’s different computer sets, and I thought it would be funny if how you defeat this A.I. that is beyond anything being used is by using technology that nobody uses.”

Bringing Hank into a more active role also complicates the confrontation in the book as Bendis puts him on a collision course with the new Ultron-possessed Tony, who looks just like the ex-wife with whom he shares an ugly history of domestic violence. “What would be great would be—and I know I get such sh-- when I say stuff like this—when he has to confront the Jan Ultron and Ultron slaps him!” Bendis teases. “The creator confronting his creation is a great moment in sci-fi.”

However the punches fall when issue #5 gets rolling, the pages, several of which appear here at their uncolored, dialogue-free sexiest, are still the work of Frank Cho. And Bendis has good news for those left in shock this week waiting for #6.

“I apologize for the slow goings-on the book’s production, but when you see these pages you see they really are beautiful, and I’d rather have them be beautiful,” he states. “Once issue #6 ships, the cool news is that [Mark] Bagley’s already finished the whole next arc. It’s done! New Avengers and Mighty Avengers will catch up and really steamroll toward Secret Invasion coming out next April.”

As for the Cho-rific scenes now laid before you, Bendis says he got everything he wanted and more out of his Mighty Avengers partner. “I got to the point where in the third act where I had Ultron—with a little imagination—using all of the things that she sees were done before, including taking control of the Iron Man armors that was recently done by Tony in the New Avengers Annual,” the writer points out. “She’s using that trick against them, which includes [Cho] drawing all of the armors. I said, ‘Look, I gave you a lot of boobage time. I’m going to have to ask you for some compromise here and really deliver on this. And he did! He did an amazing job. I was crossing my fingers, and I think it’s one of the best spreads in the whole run.”

Just gasp at the wonders that await this week in these snapshots of Mighty Avengers #5.

Oggle as Ares makes a stabby hole through this suit of armor’s head and jury-rigs it into his own private air bike. But where will he go? What of Wonder Man’s nearly squashed face? And how long will it be before Ares realizes that all of the bad guys are in the other direction?

Even if Ares can get to wherever he’s going riding the Iron Man armor, how will the Mighty Avengers stop Ultron if Hank Pym won’t listen? What is Ares yelling about? And has Hank Pym ever really cared what anyone has to say to him? (Answer: probably not. That was a rhetorical question.)

Black Widow smells something fishy standing behind Ares. Is he offended that she doesn’t find his masculine scent pleasing? What does Hank Pym have in store for that ominously silhouetted suit of armor in the background? During her time in Russia, didn’t Black Widow smell many worse things than the smell of a god of war?

In the midst of armor armageddon in Manhattan, one red and gold suit comes between Sentry and the feminized Tony Stark robot. Will the outmoded tin can succeed in its act of diplomacy? Does Ultron smell the same thing that Black Widow did before? Could Ares be nearby?

Carol Danvers is chasing a missile across the sky, and surely the fate of the free world hangs tremulously in the balance. Is she fast enough to catch it? Do her teammates know that this page feels like an homage to the film “Armageddon”?

Ares is fast becoming one of my favourite characters to read about. And check out Cho's beautiful artwork! He certainly makes the women uber sexy...no wonder he's such a fan favourite and one of the more renowned "cheesecake" artists out there!

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