Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bruce Campbell is Captain America!

Well, since I missed posting yesterday, thought I'd give my readers a bonus script to make up for the lack of one yesterday!

As I said in the previous entry, an avalanche of ideas of Bruce Campbell being Captain America flooded my head. I was getting a real kick out of writing Bruce Campbell in Cap's chainmail costume and was regurgitating ideas out of my brain faster than I could scribble them down on paper!

This one and the previous script were two of my favourite scripts to write. (Note that this script MUST come straight after the previous one, in the correct order, to lend some semblence of continuity and follow through) This was published, once again, on 5 July 2007. Enjoy.

Panel 1 - Bruce Campbell, in Captain America outfit (still with the chainsaw and the shield) posing, a la THIS image.

Dialogue box: "Exclusive! Secret tapes from Bruce Campbell's audition for the Captain America movie: revealed for the first time!"

Bruce Campbell (BC): Klaatu varada nik*coughcoughcough*to!

Panel 2 - Captain America slugging Iron Man (Theo: If you could make it such that it looks like the cover to Captain America #1, that'd be great! Perhaps show BC's chainsaw also ripping into Iron Man's armour)

Dialogue box: "See Captain America fighting for leadership of the Avengers!"

BC: "Well hello Mr Fancypants. Well, I've got news for you pal, you ain't leading but two things: Jack and shit. And Jack left town."

Panel 3 - Bruce Campbell throwing his shield into some A.I.M or Hydra agents.

Dialogue box: "Watch as Captain America protects our land from terrorists!"

BC: "Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up! You see this? This is my BOOMSTICK! Errr...shield. Sorry."

Panel 4 - Close up of Bruce Campbell pointing at the "A" on his forehead. (Theo: You MUST use this classic image right here!)

Dialogue box: "Witness Captain America's passion for the red, white and blue!"

Bruce Campbell (BC): "Surrender? SURRENDER?! You think this letter on my head stands for France?"

Panel 5 - Bruce Campbell puts his hand to the side of his mouth, as if he is whispering to the reader.

BC: "It actually stands for Ash. Ashley J. Williams. Who wants to know?"

Panel 6 - Bruce Campbell bends a hot chick backwards (think one of those trashy romance novel covers) and is just about to kiss her.

Dialogue box: "See Captain America save the day and then get the girl!"

BC: "Gimme some sugar baby."

Panel 7 - Captain America in a traditional "US Rules!" pose (Perhaps something like the background image here)

Dialogue box: "Come watch Captain America: the sure-to-be highest grossing blockbuster movie of 2008, coming soon to a cinema near you!"

BC: "Hail to the king, baby."

After this script was posted, Theo came up with this brilliant idea too!

Hey Ian, how about this image drawn as the panel before the one where he points to the "A" on his head? Imagine him going: "What's that? Surrender?"

And then the next panel is the classic Capt A one. Hehehe.. :oD

Funny funny stuff! Our love for Bruce Campbell (and not in a gay way, not that there's anything wrong with that) knows no bounds!

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