Friday, August 24, 2007

New Transformers prototypes

New Transformers toys unveiled by Hasbro at June's BotCon event!

They're not like the "organic" bot toys that were released to coincide with the movie, but more of the classic "blocky" bots that we all played with and loved.

They look good...I'd love to get myself a Starscream and Arcee!

Hasbro unveiled a truckload of new prototypes at June’s Botcon event!
Posted August 23, 2007 12:00 PM

BY: Hasbro

Hasbro unveiled a truckload of new prototypes at June’s Botcon event! In the movie line, August will see Deluxe versions Dreadwing (jet) and Arcee (motorcycle), and September brings Deluxe Payload (armored truck), Deluxe Longarm (tow truck) and Target-exclusive classic-colors Deluxe Jazz and Voyager Starscream. October gives us Deluxe Dropkick (pickup) and Recon Barricade, and Voyager Thundercracker and Rescue Ratchet. Target gets three more exclusive Scouts in October—Elita 1 (motorcycle), Armorhide (black semi) and Air Raid (green jet)—and Wal-Mart gets the exclusive distribution for Masterpiece Starscream (November)! Transformers Turnarounds Unleashed feature dual views of Optimus Prime (August) and Megatron (October). August’s new Real Gear items are High Score 100 (a game controller) and Meantime (a watch), followed by Night Beat 7 (MP3 player) and Wire Tap (cell phone) in October. Finally, a wave of movie-style Robot Heroes two-packs will hit in September, with another wave to follow. Whew! Time for a nap—rollaway bed, roll out!

Masterpiece Starscream

Masterpiece Starscream (Jet Mode)

Classic Colors Jazz

Classic Colors Starscream





Real Gear Meantime

Rescue Ratchet

Robot Heroes Movie Ratchet & Megatron

Turnaround Optimus Prime

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