Thursday, August 9, 2007

Some random musings

Not too many updates today, I'm afraid. I'm currently considering purchasing Batman #666, just because.

Read the Planet Hulk: HC this morning and it is UNBELIEVABLY good. Review most likely tomorrow!

When I was at Minotaur today, I saw so much stuff I wanted to get, but I couldn't. The Essential Dazzler TPB was really cheap at $19.95 for what's essentially over 20 comics worth of material, but I chose not to get it after all. Then there were the Runaways and Spider-man Loves Mary Jane HCs, but once again, my budget couldn't afford it. Eventually settled on the 10th Anniversary Edition of Twisted Toyfare Theatre...can't wait to open it up tonight to read it!

Oh, and was thinking I might get Alan Moore's Complete WildC.A.T.S TPB sometime down the line, but I think I'll pass anyway. Big fan of Alan Moore, but not big enough to get every single thing he ever wrote. Not that I can anyway...he's just put WAY too much stuff out there over a span of the last 25 years!

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