Monday, August 13, 2007

Quesada heats up his cup for Chicago

And here's more on Ross' return to Marvel, along with what else Marvel has in store in the upcoming year.

Marvel’s editor-in-chief announces Alex Ross’ return to Marvel and Warren Ellis’ ‘Ultimate Hulk/Iron Man’
By Brian Warmoth
Posted August 11, 2007 6:05 PM

Joe Quesada and an entourage including Dan Buckley, C.B. Cebulski and Jim McCann unloaded Marvel’s big news early at the Wizard World Chicago Cup O’ Joe panel Saturday. Quesada announced big plans for Alex Ross and Warren Ellis and launched into a marathon of questions and answers with his audience.

Quesada lit up the room with a fiery Alex Ross portrait of Captain America, saying the image was a “great way” to kick off the panel. The image displayed a costumed Cap and the sentence “Alex Ross Is Back,” above the word “Return” in large letters.

The Cup O’ Joe slideshow also included a cover image from a new Ultimate Hulk/Iron Man series by writer Warren Ellis and artist Cary Nord, as well as an image from the upcoming Iron Man/Dr. Doom by David Michelinie and Bob Layton with artist Ron Lim. Quesada also presented an art preview from the new Marvel Classics Illustrated edition of The Picture of Dorian Gray scripted by Roy Thomas with artist Sebastian Fiumara.

The questions poured out in full force from the crowd, first hitting Quesada with an inquiry about any new Dazzler projects following Marvel’s recent Essential Dazzler collection. “I never say never, but for now be happy with Essential Dazzler,” Quesada answered, saying that Dazzler is not attached to anything coming out soon.

Cebulski noted, however, that Ed Brubaker expressed interest in Dazzler recently at a Marvel creative summit in California.

In response to a query about Joss Whedon’s future at Marvel following the end of his work on Runaways, Quesada said, “No plans.”

The entire Marvel entourage remained tight-lipped fielding a question about the upcoming X-Men storyline Messiah Complex, wondering which X-character would be an important player to watch. Cebulski did offer one name, however—“Gambit.”

Meanwhile, Quesada named two characters he would like to see have bigger impacts on the Marvel Universe. “Deathlok,” he named first, continuing, “I also think Ares is going to be a huge breakout character.”

As for Cloak and Dagger, Buckley picked up his microphone to note that even though there isn’t series planned for the duo, “You’ve got the two strongest Cloak and Dagger advocates sitting between me and Joe,” referring to McCann and Cebulski.

McCann handled attendees’ curiosity about whether Marvel’s Halo book would tie in with the movie. “Halo Uprising is [Brian] Bendis and [Alex] Maleev, and it tells about how Halo 2 leads into Halo 3,” he outlined.

Quesada tackled another Bendis question in regard to the writer’s Spider Woman series. “It’s been derailed because of scheduling,” he stated, but assured, “He still intends on doing it.”

The panel wrapped with a quick image reveal of Iron Man and Spider Woman on the verge of a kiss ala Spider-Man and Mary Jane. Quesada teased that image hinted at things to come in the Marvel Universe.

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