Friday, August 31, 2007

Supergirl on Smallville!

I haven't watched Smallville for a while, though through no fault of my own. Channel 10 just basically decided to stop showing the series without any warning whatsoever (just like they do with a LOT of other series, like Pirate Master). The last episode I watch was the one in which Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow) fired off an arrow that landed on the "Indonesia" portion of the huge globe atop the Daily Planet.

Anyway, Kara Zor-El is making her debut on the new season of Smallville. Yep, that's right, the girl who will eventually become Supergirl. And man, did they choose a drop dead gorgeous actress to play her...she looks exactly like one of Michael Turner's characters jumping off the page into real life!

Meet the new, naughty Girl of Steel

By Savas Abadsidis

Posted August 30, 2007 3:15 PM

There’s definitely something super about this girl.

Debuting on “Smallville” this fall as Clark Kent’s cousin Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl, 23-year-old Laura Vandervoort plays the rebellious older cousin Clark never wished for. In contrast to the Boy Scout’s good guy image and hang-ups, Kara takes Smallville by storm, not entirely sure why she needs to keep her identity a secret. Just when you thought “Smallville” couldn’t take it any further, the show proves once again that there are plenty of surprises left in Kansas before Clark leaves for the big city of Metropolis.

WIZARD: Are you excited about being Supergirl?

VANDERVOORT: It’s going well. It’s pretty awesome, flying around and all that…

Were you excited when you were first cast as Supergirl?

I was outside of Toronto and got lost in the forest and sprained my ankle—all this stuff had happened when my cell phone rang and it was my agent telling me that I had to rush to L.A. for my screen test. I got to L.A. the next morning, did the screen test and waited about a week and they told me I got the role. I went home, passed out for a while and then packed, and then was on a flight for Vancouver to start shooting.

Where does your Superman knowledge come from? Were you a fan of the comics? “Superman: The Movie”? Or “Superman Returns”?

I was a fan of the Christopher Reeve movies and “Smallville” and last year’s “Superman Returns,” although I didn’t read the comics. This version of Kara is based on the new relaunched character—the new Supergirl, who appeared in Superman/Batman and in her new series. She’s much more edgy and has a lot more attitude and is a lot more rebellious than previous versions. She’s technically older than Clark; she was older than him on Krypton and then because of some sort of hyperspace accident arrives on Earth younger. But she and Clark see things very differently, as you’ll see as the series unfolds.

What about the outfit? She seems to flaunt the sexy a bit, based on the first photos.

Yeah, well, Kara really gets into music and videos and takes her cues from music artists and what she sees on TV, so those are the cues that inform her outfits. She will evolve over time.

Hurry up and fricking bring Smallville back on TV, Channel Ten. I wanna see what happens with that whole "Green Arrow tries to form the Justice League" story arc...and then the new season with Supergirl. :p

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