Thursday, August 9, 2007

LMS: Space Ghost Vs The Tick


Space Ghost vs. The Tick Art by Steve Rude

Space Ghost
The Tick
210 lbs.Weight300 lbs.
ChinProminent FeatureChin
Gravy ladleFavorite UtensilSpoon!

THE PLAYERS: A decade after retiring from crimefighting as Space Ghost, Tad Ghostal now hosts his own talk show, “Space Ghost Coast to Coast,” where, to this day, he befuddles celebrity guests and stretches the boundaries of good taste with his cosmic powers and witty rejoinders!

His origin unknown, The Tick’s heroic career reportedly started as an escaped mental patient from the Evanstown Asylum in Minnesota. These days, wherever evil sets its giant, ill-smelling foot, you will find The Tick, tough as a brick and nigh-invulnerable!

THE BATTLE: During a galactic mission to repair the Chairface Chippendale-damaged moon, The Tick is accidentally blasted into deep space. Crash-landing on the Ghost Planet during an “SGC2C” taping, The Tick completely throws off Space Ghost’s timing with celebrity guest Zsa Zsa Gabor. His interview ruined, Space Ghost starts chiding The Tick for his ill-timed entrance and insectile appearance. The Tick doesn’t take kindly to teasing, and promptly smashes up Space Ghost’s beloved interview set. In an effort to obfuscate The Tick, Space Ghost quickly turns invisible. But with his highly tuned sense of justice, The Tick sniffs out Space Ghost and starts a-pounding until Space Ghost activates his force-field ray, protecting him from the severe beating. Unfortunately, the nine-volt battery powering his force field quickly drains, allowing the nigh-invulnerable Tick to punch Space Ghost into submission. The Tick flies off triumphant, as Space Ghost has the last laugh—he fires Brak and Zorak for booking such an unruly guest in the first place.

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