Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Spider-man's WORST costume! Vote now!

Readers on Wizard Universe can now vote for Spider-man's WORST costume.

I'll add a link to the article too, so that you can access that link and make your vote!

Vote for the Wall-crawler’s ugliest uniform!

Posted August 20, 2007 11:45 AM

With the “Spider-Man: Back in Black” trade hitting in October, Spider-Man’s threads have never been more in the spotlight. But while the beloved red-and-blues and the fan-fave black-and-whites have rocked balls, the Webhead’s donned some duds that have been distinctly less friendly to the neighborhood. Here’s your chance to vote for the alternative Spidey costume you think is the worst!

A. Ben Reilly version
B. Spider-Man 2099
C. Silver Spider Armor
D. Red-and-Gold Spider-armor
E. Scarlet Spider

Personally, I really disliked the red and gold Spider-armour that Tony Stark gave Peter during Civil War. But I disliked the Silver Spider armour even MORE! And that's what I voted for...although the Silver Spider armour was Parker's own creation, it was one of the WORST creations that ever came out of his mind.

I really liked the Ben Reilly costume, as well as the Scarlet Spider costume (though that brings back bad memories of the terrible Clone Saga back in the 90s). And I thought the Spider-man 2099 costume was pretty awesome-looking too!

So...which is your LEAST favourite costume?

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