Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Stuff I need to get!

Some new comics that I so need to get:

Aug. 7, 2007: ‘Army of Darkness’ books are alive and kicking, and movie hype has ‘Stardust’ burning bright

By David Paggi and Kevin Mahadeo

Posted August 7, 2007 11:05 AM

Wizard Price Guide magicians David Paggi and Kevin Mahadeo take readers behind the scenes to let them know what comics they should be paying attention to and what books are moving in stores around the world.

The Evil Dead/Army of Darkness series chainsawed its way into a cult phenomenon among the “it’s so bad it’s genius” genre of movies. Spawning from Dynamite Entertainment (and at the time Devil’s Due Publishing), the “Army of Darkness” line continued in comic form—picking up right where the movies left off. Since the line’s premiere with Ashes 2 Ashes, the comic Ash traveled through time (again), battled against the Re-Animator (another cult classic character), took his very own dirt nap, and most recently crossed paths with the Marvel Zombies. But hey, all in a Chosen One’s day of work. Ash’s lady-swooning, deadite-killing misadventures continue this week with the release of From the Ashes. Be sure to check out these earlier key issues, which see some movement in the back market. The sketch variant and retailer incentive cover to Ashes 2 Ashes issue #1, which kicks off the series, cuts in at around $6; and the blood red variant to the death of Ash in Army of Darkness proper issue #13 sells at around $5. However, the Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness mini gets a little higher price tag. Issue #1 sells at around $5, with a limited Dynamite Entertainment exclusive eating away the competition at $22. Subsequent issues all go for a little over cover, but issue #3 also features a Dynamite variant spoofing The Death of Captain Marvel that sells at $15.

Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess tackled the world of fantasy with the touching Stardust series—a romantic tale set in the backdrop of a land filled with faeries. A graphic novel in the most literal sense, the 4-issue, prestige format series consists mostly of text by Gaiman interspersed with beautiful illustrations by Vess. Since its original publication in 1997, the series has been collected as both a hardcover and trade paperback edition, and has been released without illustrations as a traditional novel. The movie, featuring Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro, is getting released this week, and the original series has already had an increase in price. Sets of four currently sell for between $40-$50; however, if you wish to approach the series from a collected format, the hardcover edition currently runs at about $40 as well. While prices may seem a little steep now, they most likely will go even higher with the movie’s release. So, grab hold of that star now while you have the chance.

I know I'm wanting to get ALL the Army of Darkness TPBs sometime in the near future. I just can't get enough Ash in my diet.

And I definitely NEED to read (and buy) Neil Gaiman's and Charles Vess' Stardust before I go watch the movie for sure.

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