Friday, August 17, 2007

Strangers in Paradise: Treasury Edition

Went out during my lunch break just now and I stopped by Barwon Booksellers, the second hand book shop that Aeris used to frequent quite often in her free time. Dean and Stu had purchased some pretty cheap and good old comics and graphic novels over there in the past couple of months, so I wanted if I could find any nice bargains.

And did I! Found the Strangers in Paradise: Treasury Edition selling there for just $15! Pretty awesome, since it retails at $18.68 brand-new on Amazon.

I absolutely love Amazon's Online reader which gives you a pretty good preview of the cover of books as well as some interiors, so here it is:

Strangers in Paradise: Treasury Edition

I've always wanted to read Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise. It's got great art and it's a fantastic comic about the relationships the two main characters have with each other...and other people too of course. Abstract Studio has put out six Pocket Books of the Strangers in Paradise series so far, but I'm waiting for them to print and release an omnibus of the ENTIRE series. Strangers in Paradise is nearing the end of its run and I'm sure Terry Moore would certainly want to release an Omnibus in the vein of Jeff Smith's Bone.

The Treasury Edition that I purchased is certainly not really the comic series per se, but it gives the reader a fascinating overview of the series thus far, as well as commentary from Moore, sketches and of course, panels from some of the comics. It'd be my entry point into the world of Strangers in Paradise...I just hope they print and release the omnibus soon so I can read the entire series in one go!

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