Wednesday, August 8, 2007

LMS: Lion-O Vs He-Man

Haha! A battle between two "stars" of 80s cartoons!

Lion-O vs. He-Man Art by Ed McGuinness and Jason Martin

215 lbs.Weight230 lbs.
Sword of OmensWeapon of ChoiceSword of Power
Don KingHairstyle InspirationLittle Dutch Boy

THE PLAYERS...Lion-O led a small band of survivors from the doomed planet Thundera to Third Earth. There, he and the other ThunderCats built a new home, where they battle against Mumm-Ra and the forces of evil! The royal son of an Eternian and an Earthling, Prince Adam gained the immense power of He-Man on his 18th birthday, powers which he uses to protect Eternia and Castle Greyskull from the evil tyrant Skeletor!

THE BATTLE... As part of a plot to take over Eternia, Skeletor sends
He-Man to a planet called Third Earth—and right into the ThunderCats’ HQ! Lion-O uses his super-agility to stay out of He-Man’s reach, all the while attacking with his razor-sharp claws. After inflicting dozens of wounds on He-Man, Lion-O swoops in and slashes He-Man in the face, blinding him. Before He-Man can recover, Lion-O uses the flat of his Sword of Omens to send the intruder smashing through the wall and into an open courtyard. Dazed, bloody and reeling, He-Man tires to recover, only to be smashed flat by a giant stone column cut down by Lion-O. With his foe buried under tons of rubble, Lion-O prepares to call the rest of the ThunderCats. But before he can summon his teammates, He-Man explodes out of the debris, his eyes burning with rage. Raising the Sword of Power, He-Man engages Lion-O in a furious duel. Sparks fly as the swordsmen clash, but Lion-O’s overmatched by He-Man’s brute strength. Completely enraged, He-Man batters at the Feline Fury with his strength, landing a back kick to the midsection followed by an uppercut to Lion-O’s jaw. After several punishing blows, He-Man connects with a roundhouse that echoes across Third Earth, from Castle Plun-Darr to the Berbil village, sending Lion-O flying back through a wall and into his throne room, beaten and unconscious. As He-Man stalks off to return to Eternia, he wonders if there’re any other ornery pets around that need neutering.

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