Friday, August 10, 2007

Twisted Toyfare Theatre: A precursor to Robot Chicken

Well, I just read the first nine chapters of the Twisted Toyfare Theatre 10th Anniversary Special. It. Is. HILARIOUS!

I've got all the previous nine reprinted TPBs and it certainly is one of the TPB series I look forward to getting the most every couple of months. Robot Chicken got its ideas, inspiration and start from TTT and some of the writers from Robot Chicken including Matthew Senreich, Doug Goldstein and Tom Root, started on TTT.

Check out the Wikipedia entry for Twisted Toyfare Theatre before you read on:

Twisted Toyfare Theatre

While Robot Chicken features more on the pop culture side of things, including stuff that's in real life and general entertainment, TTT has most of its stories based in the comics universe, occasionally branching out to TV series and cartoons. Which, if you know me, is just perfect since it's in line with my likes, hobbies and personal taste!

Can't wait to read the rest of the book when I get back. For lovers of Robot Chicken (this means YOU, Francis!) and comic books alike, I can't recommend TTT enough! Miss it at your own peril.

Oh, and I found this article on Comics Alliance about the 10th Anniversary of TTT:

Twisted Toyfare Theatre Celebrates A Decade of Indecency

Make sure you check out the hilarious Star Wars TTT at the bottom!

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