Thursday, August 30, 2007

LMS: Taskmaster Vs Prometheus

Sorry folks, just the one Last Man Standing feature today. After all, it's a daily feature, and no, I can't cheat and make up for a backlog of LMS features so you're just going to have to do with ONE today. :p

It's the two best copycat fighters in their respective worlds!

Representing the Marvel Universe, in all his white undies-glory with a face only a skeleton could love, beaten down by Captain America more times than Paris Hilton's sexcapades, it's Taskmaster!

Representing the DC Universe, the Captain Marvel white-cape copyright infringing, insert-memory-stick-into-the-brain uploading, so-many-tricks-Bruce-Wayne's-about-to-lose-patent-rights master of pong, Prometheus!

Surely there's no way Taskmaster will lose this fight.

Taskmaster vs. Prometheus Art by Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino

220 lbs.Weight180 lbs.
Role ModelBill

THE PLAYERS: Born with photographic reflexes, the Taskmaster can mimic any action merely by watching it. After viewing just one pro football game, he became the star quarterback of his high school football team. Looking for big bucks, Tasky started observing superheroes, “learned” their techniques and became one of the most unbeatable supervillains around!

When his parents were killed by the police, Prometheus began a life of training. Learning countless fighting styles, languages, history and ancient secrets, he built himself up as the ultimate supervillain, capable of anticipating his foes’ every move. Wielding super-technology, Prometheus has studied the weaknesses of every superhero on Earth, making him near-unbeatable.

THE BATTLE: While training thugs at his criminal academy, the Taskmaster suddenly dives for cover, just as a fiery blast incinerates the ground he was standing on. Telling his “students” to stand back, Tasky faces his brazen foe: Prometheus. Furious at this assault, Taskmaster lunges at his enemy utilizing Captain America’s kicking style, only for Prometheus to easily counter a move he’s studied extensively. Grabbing his shield, Taskmaster flings it full force at Prometheus…but it’s sliced in half by Prometheus’ power club. A fury of fists, arrows, jabs, blood, cuts and kicks later, the two baddies stand battered and bruised—each too proud to let broken bones and cracked ribs put ’em down. But after knocking off Prometheus’ helmet, Taskmaster delivers the crushing blow, Iron Fist style. Gazing down at his fallen foe, Taskmaster realizes one thing: this was the longest five-minute fight of all time.

To be honest, this was one of the fights I had been looking forward to the most. I thought it was a bit disappointing though with the way it played out. It's nice to read that they're using these moves and that moves, but they never really indicated how and why they got badly bruised/injured. And the ending was a bit of a letdown, really, despite Taskie winning.

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Anonymous said...

I agree Tasky would win, but I doubt he would wing his shield at the start of the fight. He's always been a defensive, calculating kinda villain and the shield with his own skill set would let him indefinitely counter his attacks until he sees or makes an opening.