Friday, August 17, 2007

LMS: Daredevil Vs Dr Mid-Nite

Once again, not much news that's really exciting for me to put up today, so we'll jump straight to today's Last Man Standing feature.

And it brings up a pertinent question...what happens when the blind leads the blind? What happens when the blind FIGHTS the blind? Do they randomly swing at each other until someone connects with a fight-ending blow? Does one randomly kick upwards until they hit the other party's goolies (aka family jewels)?

Featuring: The premier blind superheroes from Marvel and DC!

Daredevil vs. Dr. Mid-Nite Art by John K. Snyder III

Doctor Mid-Nite
200 lbsWeight180 lbs
Braille PlayboySecret DesireBraille Britney

THE PLAYERS...Blinded by a radioactive isotope, Matt Murdock gained a unique “radar ability” and superhuman senses, which he uses to combat crime as the high-flying, death-defying Daredevil!

Blinded in a car accident arranged by mobsters, brilliant physician Pieter Cross invented special lenses that let him see in pitch black. Using his “night-vision,” blackout bombs and genius intellect, Dr. Mid-Nite operates as a one-man army against crime!

THE BATTLE... Mistaking Daredevil as costumed muscle for local drug dealers, Dr. Mid-Nite launches a blackout bomb that plunges the rooftop into darkness as he swoops into action! Relying on his radar sense, DD easily avoids Mid-Nite’s sloppy attack, executes a standing back flip over Mid-Nite’s head and pummels the good doctor with a series of roundhouse kicks and billy club strikes. Dazed but conscious, Mid-Nite theorizes that his opponent possesses some extrasensory perceptions, allowing him to see in darkness. Acting quickly, Mid-Nite unleashes a number of weapons from his homemade arsenal. The flash grenade’s a dud, but the next two goodies knock DD for a loop—a tear gas grenade that overwhelms Daredevil’s heightened sense of smell, and a sonic screamer device that overloads DD’s super-hearing. Puking from tear gas and brought to his knees by decibels, Daredevil’s down and out of the fight, asking himself: “Is there a doctor in the house?”

As much a Daredevil fan that I am, I had to agree that Dr Mid-Nite (who's kind of a Batman-lite) would win this battle easily. He's also got an owl as a secondary sparring enemy for Daredevil. :p

And technically, both these heroes aren't blind. Well, they are, but they have other ways to "see"...Daredevil with his radar sense and Dr Mid-Nite with those funky glasses of his.

Speaking of Daredevil, I just LOVE the Twisted Toyfare Theatre Daredevil. He's really COMPLETELY blind in the TTT universe and he keeps unwittingly revealing his secret identity (and the identities of other heroes) in the TTT strips.

There was this strip where he sued Ben Affleck after hearing about how terrible the Daredevil movie was. In the court room, Daredevil represented himself as "Matt Murdock" (which required just a change of clothes to "protect" his secret identity). Matt Murdock would leave the court, change into Daredevil, then put himself on the stand to answer whatever question Murdock (ie: himself) had asked, then go out of court again and change back into Matt Murdock.

Except that since TTT's Daredevil is blind, his costume changes are IN court itself (since he thinks that he's changing in some closet) in full view of the gallery. Hilarious!

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