Thursday, November 1, 2007

A "reclaimed" hobby and burgeoning of the #1 one!

Did I mention that I've got a new hobby? Well, it's not really a new one, since it's been sort of a passing hobby over the years since my childhood. But now I'm getting back into videogames! Have had the Wii since August and though we only have four games (Wii Sports, Wii Play, Mario Party 8 and Super Paper Mario), Aeris and I have been playing Wii Sports for the longest time.

And most recently, after getting feedback from a couple of other friends in Geelong, I traded in my PSP and games for a brand new Ice Blue Nintendo DS Lite! And in the short period of time, I've gone DS-crazy, snapping up a number of games cheaply, utilising EB Games Buy-2-preowned-games-get-1-free offer. Yes, JB Hi-Fi sells BRAND new games of the same version a little bit cheaper...but you just can't go past getting another game...for free!

I've now got Marvel TCG Game (the first one I bought) brand new and pre-owned versions of Nintendogs (Dachshund and Friends), Mario Kart DS, Brain Training, Super Mario 64, New Super Mario Bros. and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. And I was really tempted to purchase a brand new The Legend of Zelda: Phoenix Hourglass, which was priced only at $59, but I decided since I had so many of these other games already, I just might hold off for now...who knows when I'll get on to play that, even though it does seems heaps fun!

I've now moved away completely from Magic: The Gathering...don't even think about it anymore! Well I do, but any thoughts associated with Magic is restricted to thinking about selling my expensive cards to buck up the digits in my bank account.

Alrighty, new comics! They actually got new comics in the shop yesterday, but for some reason, it didn't register in my mind and I didn't pick up Ultimate Power #8. I somehow DID remember about the latest issue of Wizard though, but they hadn't unpacked it yet so I couldn't purchase it.

A LOT of new stuff:
Y - The Last Man Vols.5-7 TPB
Jack of Fables Vol.2 TPB
Marvel Zombies: The Covers HC
Girls Vol.1-2 TPB
and five The Goon TPBs, though I'm not sure which ones!

Also got single issues of What If? Planet Hulk, Moon Knight #13 and Marvel Spotlight: Marvel Zombies.

I've got all the existing Y - The Last Man TPBs here with me in Oz Volume 4! They didn't have it at Classic Comics and are getting it in the next couple of weeks. The problem is that I've started on Volume 3 and I'm sure I'll be done reading that in no time. Grah...might have to get it soon elsewhere! There's only Volume 10 to go until the series' end...and I'd have recreated my entire collection here! It's such a brilliant series that it's worth it though.

Also now have the entire TPB collection of the 24-issue run of Girls here. Can't wait to read it in one sitting too.

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