Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Attracted to Magneto!'s the final script that I wrote and posted on 28 Geeks Later. There aren't any more scripts...unless I write new ones sometime down the line...and that would be very unlikely.

This last strip carried on with the Ian McKellan theme, but this time, featuring him as Magneto. I wanted to go out with a bang so I roped in an obscure 90s group to "spice" up the story, so to speak. ;)

23 July 2007:

Panel 1 - Dialogue box: "And even more outtakes from Sir Ian McKellan's vault!"

Panel 2 - Wolverine is stretched out in mid-air, courtesy of Magneto's powers. Magneto approaches Wolverine with an arm stretched out and a clenched fist. He's eyeing something in Wolverine's nether regions...wanna guess what?

Dialogue box: "X-Men!"

IM: "You must be Wolverine. That remarkable metal doesn't run through your entire body, does it?"

Wolverine: "What do you want with me?"

Panel 3 - Silence. Magneto, with his arm still stretched out, slowly opens up his fist. As he does so, a bulge in Wolverine's spandex suddenly grows bigger...or longer. It depends how you want to illustrate this panel and not make it look TOO graphic. ;) Wolverine's eyes go wide (0.0) as he comes to a realisation as to what Magneto really wants.

Panel 4 - Wolverine stares down at his package with his eyes still wide open. Magneto reaches out and...grabs/caresses/fondles Wolvie's bulge.

IM: "My dear boy, whoever said I wanted YOU? Don't you know what *I* really want?"

Panel 5 - All of a sudden, the Spice Girls burst into the scene in the background. Wolvie and Magneto turn to look at them in astonishment.

Baby and Sporty Spice: "So tell me what you want, what you really really want!"

Posh and Scary Spice: "I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna..."

Panel 6 - Silence. Magneto suddenly thrusts out his free arm towards the Spice Girls and they either all get blown violently off panel, or their heads explode with blood covering the panel, courtesy of Magneto pulling the iron from their bodies.

Panel 7 - Magneto, looking back at Wolverine. Wolverine has fainted. Magneto speaks with drool gushing out of the side of his lips.

IM: "I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha."

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