Monday, November 12, 2007

[WWT] Laura Vandervoot flying high

Another month, another comic convention somewhere in America. Damn the fact that America, and not Australia, is comics central in the world for all my favourite English-language comics (with Japan being the centre for Jap comics and manga)!

Well, technically, Wizard World Texas is only next MONTH...but after what was a fantastic first experience at an ENTERTAINMENT Expo two months ago at Armageddon, I'd really love going to a comics-centric expo.

Anyway, here's an interview with the scorching hot Laura Vandervoot who plays Kara on the 7th season of Smallville. Have I mentioned that Channel 10 has unceremoniously (and once again without warning) cancelled showing Smallville on Saturday evenings? Outrageous. Second time you've done this Channel 10. No wonder your ratings suck overall behind Channels 7 and 9.

The ‘Smallville’ actress talks about settling into the role of the Girl of Steel and working with predecessor Helen Slater

By Karl Cramer

Posted November 9, 2007 10:05 AM

“Smallville’s” newest resident is lending a superpowered spark to the CW show’s seventh season. As played by Laura Vandervoort, Clark’s cousin Kara, aka Supergirl, is giving her Kryptonian kin plenty to do as she adjusts to life on Earth. Ahead of her appearance as guest of honor at Wizard World Texas, the 23-year-old Toronto native talked about getting familiar with Supergirl history and revealed what it’s like being a role model.

WIZARD: How does it feel to be the “new” character on “Smallville”?

VANDERVOORT: It was very weird. Obviously, I was nervous going into it because [the cast have] all been together for so long. I’m finally comfortable on the set with the crew and everything. Especially with “Smallville,” because I was watching it before I started. I always wanted to be part of it.

What’s your best/funniest story since getting the role?

VANDERVOORT: I don’t have anything crazy-funny. The only thing I can remember was that one day we were shooting in a bar. We just aired that episode. There was something like 100 [extras] that day. It was a scene where I am being very seductive and sexy. They were on the other actor. I turned away to do this sexy walk and I walked right into the camera and hit my head. That was a really great moment for me because everyone, all the background performers, started laughing. That’s probably the only story I have.

Ouch! Maybe that’ll make the DVD. Any fan reactions, like little girls looking up to you?

VANDERVOORT: Yeah, that’s probably the coolest part. I’ve been getting a lot of fan letters, which has been nice—people really supporting me and happy that I’m playing Kara Kent. They’ve been looking for it for a while. It was a big deal to people and they have opinions how it should be played. Everyone, so far, has been so supportive.

Did you know Supergirl growing up?

VANDERVOORT: I knew her from the “Supergirl” movie, the one with Helen Slater. I wasn’t into comic books until recently. Now that I got the role, I’ve been reading her comic books and things like that. It’s pretty new to me.

Speaking of Helen Slater, you got to act with her in the episode “Lara.” Did she give you any advice on being Supergirl?

VANDERVOORT: Well, she was just telling me that when she shot it how her life changed after the movie. People would always recognize her. She started getting offers for things. And that you’ve got to stay level-headed. She’s such a beautiful and talented woman. I hope I end up like her.

You were introduced at San Diego Comic-Con but Wizard World Texas is the first time you’re getting to meet fans up close and personal. Are you excited?

VANDERVOORT: Yeah! Really excited. I’m not sure quite what to expect but I know that it’ll be fun. I’m looking forward to it.

If they wanted to spin off Supergirl into her own series, would you be up for it?

VANDERVOORT: I think that would be great. I’d be up for that. I don’t know what they want to do. “Smallville” has got such a great following of its own, so I don’t think it’s going anywhere. If they wanted to, though, that would be great.

Did you want to say anything to the Texas fans who are coming out to see you?

VANDERVOORT: Just that I’m looking forward to meeting them. Hopefully I’ll be able to answer the questions they have about the character and the show. I’m excited to see them.

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