Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finished Tellos, now griping about Battle Chasers!

Well, I finished Tellos yesterday. And it was just superb, though the ending was a bit of a disappointment and a bit on the childish side. Regardless, it's just one of the top fantasy comics that's been published.

Have I ever mentioned how I wished Joe Madureira would get off his lazy ass and finish Battle Chasers already!? Discounting the Tellos-related one-shots and prequels and all the minis that were released, Tellos itself was just a 10 issue series. Battle Chasers was up to nine issues and the tenth one was never completed, with Madureira hinting that he might come back to finish it.

Is it so hard to finish what you've started? Granted, it's Joe Madureira, Mr Lateness himself. And yeah, his track record, aside from his run on Uncanny X-Men is pretty spotty. And Battle Chasers issues had an average release time of SIX MONTHS for each new issue release...with a delay time of 16 months in between issue 6 and 7!

But it THAT hard just to finish issue 10? Just finish it and never speak of it again...that's how easy it is!

You've let your fans down over and over again, Madureira. I don't care how great your Ultimates 3 run is, the stain has been left on your legacy with your seeming unwillingness to listen to your fans and finish up what you started.

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