Friday, November 2, 2007

Justice for all!

Wizard Universe seems down today, so I guess all I can do is to post up one of the last few scripts I wrote before I lost my desire to write any more scripts. It got frustrating that I was churning out all these scripts but there were just in script format and nothing was moving in terms of them being created on paper. So I just lost the drive to write more scripts.

Panel 1 - The Justice League, from that terrible cartoon from the 70s/80s, "Super Friends". It'd be great to pay homage to them while they're in this pose (minus the words below):

Dialogue box across the top of panel: "And now, a special service announcement brought to you by brought to you by the Justice League!"

Panel 2 - Superman in the left foreground. Batman can be seen in the background punching out the Joker while Wonder Woman is using her bracelets to deflect bullets from the Joker's goons.

Superman: "Hey kids, ever wish you could be a superhero and be part of the Justice League?"

Panel 3 - Same shot, but with different characters in the background. Flash is running rings around Gorilla Grodd while Green Lantern has just created a giant boxing glove from his ring to punch Sinestro in the stomach.

Superman: "You don't need to be an alien, or filthy rich, or an Amazon, or have a magical ring, or can run really fast, or be able to swim underwater and talk to fish...

Panel 4 - Superman stops and turns to look at the background. Aquaman is talking to some fish while Black Manta, his archenemy, laughs on and simultaneously fries up some seafood with his heat gun (or other suitable weapon).

Superman: "..."

Panel 5 - Superman has turned back to face the reader again. Aquaman is now swimming away as fast as he can while Black Manta gives chase, laughing maniacally. You can see scores of dead fish (and other underwater creatures) all lying at the bottom of the panel, some half charred while others have been completely burnt to a crisp. Think burnt fish fingers/sticks.

Superman: "Errr...scratch that last bit. Anyway, you don't need super powers to be part of the Justice League!

Panel 6 - Apache Chief and Black Vulcan in the background, posing, but with sad faces, indicating how useless they are to the Justice League.

Superman: "After all, we let Black Vulcan and Apache Chief join our ranks!"

Panel 7 - Zan and Jayna in the background. Both of them are in the middle of transforming, Zan into a blanket soaked and dripping with water and Jayna into a platypus. Why platypus? Because they look funny. :p Gleek the monkey is flinging poo randomly and a big turd hits Superman in the side of the face. Superman looks unperturbed though.

Superman: "So if you want to join our hallowed ranks, contact us today!"

Zan: "Form...of a wet blanket!"

Jayna: "Form...of a platypus!"

Panel 8 - Batman again, this time with a huge cheesy grin and both his hands giving thumbs up signs. He's got huge dollar signs in his eyes.

Superman: "All we need is your credit card number and for you to sign a waiver allowing us to use it whenever we need to."

Panel 9 - Batman doing a little dance, throwing money and bags of cash in the air. Superman has his hand cupped to his side of the face as if he's whispering to the reader. His left hand thumbs in the direction of Batman.

Superman: "After all, how do you think Bruce pays for all his nifty little gadgets?

Panel 10 - It's a dialogue box engulfing the entire panel.

Dialogue box: "So, join us today! Dial 555-JUSTICE! That's 555-587-8423! Hurry, membership is extremely limited! While stocks last and batteries not included."

Tiny font at the bottom of the panel: "One-time membership fee applies: $1,000,000,000 in cold hard cash, non-refundable except in circumstances of the extinction of your entire race."

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