Monday, November 12, 2007

The Wizard Sketchbook: Spider-man "Brand New Day"

What comes after Spider-man: One More Day? Why, Spider-man: Brand New Day, of course!

Marvel have gathered up some of the best artists working in the business today to draw Spidey on Amazing Spider-man come next year. This should be rip-roaring fantastic!

Wizard Universe has the story:

Steve McNiven, Phil Jimenez, Salvador Larroca and Chris Bachalo unleash their dynamic vision of Spider-Man, Peter Parker and a dangerous new face

By Ben Morse

Posted November 10, 2007 9:55 AM

If you’re going to put out Amazing Spider-Man three times a month, you need artists who aren’t just amazing, but spectacular, sensational and any other adjectives you can think of that mean just plain awesome.

Luckily for Amazing editor Steve Wacker, when his book switches to its thrice-monthly format beginning with issue #546 in December, he’s got a lineup of draftsmen who fit the bill with Steve McNiven (Civil War), Salvador Larroca (Uncanny X-Men), Phil Jimenez (Infinite Crisis) and Chris Bachalo (X-Men) handling the art on the first four months of the bold “Brand New Day” initiative.

“This has to feel brand new from top to bottom, so it made sense to approach guys not traditionally attached to Spidey,” explains Wacker. “But after you see the passion they’re putting on each page, you’ll know these guys will be synonymous with the Web-head for years to come.”

Get a sneak peek at that passion as this quartet of talented artists open their sketchbooks for this exclusive first look.

HE’S WORKING ON: Amazing Spider-Man #546-#548 in December
HE’S WORKING WITH: Writer Dan Slott (Avengers: The Initiative)

“Trying to convey his phenomenal agility is the thing that sets [Spider-Man] apart from other characters I’ve drawn,” notes McNiven. “I definitely enjoy the less muscle-bound characters. I’m working off the classic work of [John] Romita, [Gil] Kane and [Ross] Andru but trying to put my own spin on it. Working with Dan Slott, it’s back to basics with some great humor. We have cool villains and some great J. Jonah Jameson stuff that I loved drawing.”

HE’S WORKING ON: Amazing Spider-Man #549-#551 in January 2008
HE’S WORKING WITH: Writer Marc Guggenheim (Wolverine)

“Salvador is a real talent and is always experimenting both in storytelling and in style,” says Wacker. “More than the other artists, he’s been inspired by the three films and is knocking out page after page that make you feel like you’re in a Spider-Man movie.”

HE’S WORKING ON: Amazing Spider-Man #555-#557 in March 2008
HE’S WORKING WITH: Writer Zeb Wells (Civil War: Runaways/
Young Avengers)

“My first reaction with Spidey is to go over the top with lots of sight gags, then there is another side I see as more of a creature of the night,” muses Bachalo. “In my arc with Zeb, Spider-Man battles both a snowstorm and an ancient group of assassins. A certain X-Man famous for his stubble shows up, so I’m not straying too far from my mutant beginnings.”


“Exactly who Menace is has caused a lot of arguments internally,” teases Wacker of the brand-new Spider-Man baddie pictured in the Salvador Larroca sketches seen here. “He’s the kind of character who can surprise you from issue to issue, but I can say that he’s a deadly threat and that Spidey should always be wary of guys on flying platforms.”

HE’S WORKING ON: Amazing Spider-Man #552-#554 in February 2008
HE’S WORKING WITH: Writer Bob Gale (“Back to the Future”)

“[Spider-Man] is a very fun character to draw, although it took me a while to figure him out,” admits Jimenez. “Part of getting to know Peter Parker, and not just Spider-Man, was also getting to know a young guy of his background from Queens. Also, I got to design a Spider-Man villain—how cool is that?!”

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