Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Marvel Mondays: "House of M: Avengers" #1

When I saw this week's shipment list, I went, "What?! House of M again? Are they reprinting something or are they bringing back a mini-series event that happened last year just to milk it as much as they can?"

Seems like I'm right. But that's not going to stop me from purchasing this series, of course. I wonder whether I should just wait for the TPB to come out instead of purchasing single issues?

Know your history as Christos Gage and Mike Perkins bring it to the House of M this week and uncover a new cranny of the alternate reality
By Brian Warmoth
Posted November 12, 2007 2:00 PM

When the Scarlet Witch temporarily altered reality to create a world where Magneto ruled the planet, everyone’s lives in the Marvel Universe were completely changed. This week, Christos Gage crosses back into the skewed universe of The House of M, where Luke Cage became a crime boss and humans and mutants clashed in an all-out war, in House of M: Avengers #1. In case you need a refresher course, here are the big differences between the big players in the House of M Avengers circle and their Marvel 616 counterparts.

Originally: went to prison when his ex-friend Willis Stryker planted heroin in his apartment.
In House of M Universe: went to prison after being convicted for a murder he didn’t commit.

Originally: got out of prison and became a Hero for Hire.
In House of M Universe: got out of prison and became a crime lord.

Originally: hunted down any criminal he could make money hunting down.
In House of M Universe: joined with other superhumans to keep mutants off of his turf.

Originally: left the circus he worked at with his brother after a falling-out with his mentor Trickshot.
In House of M Universe: left the circus when the Mutant-Human Wars forced it to close.

Originally: almost killed his brother Bernard, who was working as a bodyguard for a notorious crime lord.
In House of M Universe: hates mutants for killing his brother Bernard.

Originally: admired Iron Man and joined the Avengers.
In House of M Universe: joined Luke Cage in order to get revenge against mutants.

Originally: Bushman left Marc Spector to die in the desert, and Spector crawled to an ancient Egyptian temple.
In House of M Universe: Spector wound up in an ancient Egyptian temple while on a special-ops mission hunting down Apocalypse’s forces.

Originally: Spector turned immediately to crimefighting after gaining his powers from Khonshu.
In House of M Universe: Spector tried to become a boxer again in Hell’s Kitchen after returning home from Africa.

Originally: joined the Avengers after saving them from Dominus.
In House of M Universe: Luke Cage invited Spector to join his anti-mutant team after watching him fight.

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