Monday, November 19, 2007

Five for Friday: Comic book journalists

Well, looks like Wizard Universe is up and running again...must have been down because they were uploading all that stuff from Wizard World Texas!

Anyway, here's LAST week's Five for Friday feature:

Reporters are all over the racks this week, from Avengers: The Initiative to DMZ and Shooting War, and these are five you don’t want to mess with

By Brian Warmoth

Posted November 16, 2007 12:15 PM

Journalists have been hanging around in comics as long as superheroes. DC’s and Marvel’s biggest names work for newspapers 9 to 5. Clark Kent and Peter Parker certainly shouldn’t be ignored, but we stacked this week’s Five for Friday with the top tough-as-nails reporters in all of comics. Any hero can fight supervillains, but this crew fights for truth every day—and memorizes AP standards! They’re our five favorite roving reporters to ever grace comics and not take any guff from anyone.

Ben Urich (Daredevil)
The reporter who uncovered Daredevil’s secret identity as Matt Murdock, Urich has crossed the Kingpin, crooked cops and dirty politicians, putting his life on the line at every turn in the name of good. He’s been an invaluable ally and a thorn in the side of organized crime and supervillains alike.

Lois Lane (Action Comics)
Superman’s significant other has risen to the occasion more than once in her various incarnations, getting into trouble in early Action Comics issues, masterminding loony attacks on Lana Lang in Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane and maturing into her modern-day role as Clark Kent’s wife and confidante.

Spider Jerusalem (Transmetropolitan)
In a future where humans fight for their right to switch species and politicians come from secret cloning operations, Warren Ellis’ quintessential foul-mouthed reporter nabs the title of least restrained on this list. And not only is his weapon of choice a disastrously entertaining bowel disruptor pistol, his pet is a two-headed smoking cat.

Matty Roth (DMZ)
The unlikeliest of heroes on this list to rise to his calling is the lead hero from Brian Wood’s Vertigo series DMZ. Roth starts out as an intern and finds out what the real-world dangers of reporting news can be after civil war breaks out in Manhattan and his news crew dies before he can get out of the demilitarized zone. Roth has to learn his trade and hone his survival instincts as he goes along, but he’s seen life as dangerous as anyone else in our top five.

Robbie Robertson (Amazing Spider-Man)
It takes an iron pair to stand up to J. Jonah Jameson, and Robbie Robertson dares to defend Spider-Man in front of The Daily Bugle’s publisher and executive editor. On his way to becoming editor-in-chief, Robertson worked as a reporter for the Bugle, aiding Spidey on occasion by helping out against the Chameleon and Tombstone.

No, NO! Surely J. Jonah Jameson would be number one on the list, as much as I love Robbie Robertson! Oh what, he's a publisher and not really or technically a journalist? Well, alright then, you're forgiven, Wizard.

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