Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yay, more heroes stuff! This time, an interview with uber-hottie, Kristen Bell!

The actress talks about the challenges of playing sexy and the perks of geek love

By Ben Morse

Posted November 7, 2007 11:30 AM

WIZARD: Clearly you were a fan of the show’s first season.

BELL: Everybody at “Veronica Mars” was. We used to get to the set first thing in the morning and go, “Did you see it last night?!”

Your character Elle is a bit of a change for you…

BELL: She’s definitely a vixen, which is much different from what I’m used to playing. I’m familiar with playing tough and sassy—being more of a sexy vixen is nerve-wracking because I’m like, “What if nobody thinks it’s sexy?” [Laughs] They give me a lot to play with as far as the dialogue. Elle is one of the few characters on the show, I think, who right when you meet her she is supremely confident with her power. She loves her power. She is almost on the verge of being addicted to her power. What she can do is a game to her.

Would you classify her as a hero or a villain?

BELL: Somewhere in between. I’ve read a couple of scripts now and she seems to go one way or the other depending on the episode. One of the great things about “Heroes” is all the different shades of gray with the characters. Because everybody seems to just be trying to do what’s right, but you never really know who’s got it right because everybody is keeping secrets. Elle definitely has secrets. She starts to reveal them surely but slowly. She wavers between good and evil, but is definitely doing what she feels is right. I have ties to Peter and his amnesia, and then I have ties to HRG and Claire as well.

Do you have your eye on any of the guys—or ladies—romantically?

BELL: I believe there is definitely something in the works, though I don’t know how far it will go. Elle feels like she has a romantic connection to everybody, because she’s just a little vixen. She leaves all her doors open. [Laughs] That’s not a bad-looking cast, so I’d take any of them.

Between “Heroes,” “Veronica Mars” and the much-delayed “Fanboys” flick, you’re pretty much the “It” girl of geeks.

BELL: I’m blushing. [Giggles] The “geek” world—and I say that lovingly—has in the last couple years turned Hollywood on its head as far as how it caters. I think that has a lot to do with the Internet. Fanboys know how to use the Internet to their advantage. Because Hollywood has come to rely on the Internet, the fanboys have become the tastemakers. I’m ultimately flattered that I’m choosing projects that they’re into and hope I can continue to. I think it’s great that it has become cool to be a geek!

"It has become cool to be a geek"? Does that mean that Kristen likes geeks? Hot-cha! Score!

Anyway, she's got it has ALWAYS been cool to be a geek. Being a nerd on the other hand...

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