Monday, November 19, 2007

Exiles are ace!

Hey folks! Back from another weekend of Wii-playing, comic-reading and cat-playing! But since this is a comics and entertainment-dedicated blog, I'll get onto can read my exploits in the other blog!

Wizard Universe seems to be down, so I'll just bore you with some other stuff then.

Borrowed a couple of TPBs from the Box Hill library on Saturday morning when we were returning books: a Wonder Woman TPB that was illustrated by George Perez, and Darwyn Cooke's A New Frontier TPB. There were a couple of other comics I wanted to borrow, including a Spider-Girl TPB, but these two Asian kids were just hogging the comics on their table! They just shoved aside those comics that they'd read (and there was quite a number) and when I asked if they were done and I could borrow those, their rude reply was that they weren't finished, even though I DISTCINTLY saw them finish reading some and putting it at the side of the table. Selfish assholes.

Read finished volumes 13-15 of The Exiles, featuring a team of heroes plucked out from Marvel's myriad of realities to save the Marvel Omniverse and its many timelines. It's always been a fantastic read and I've always been a fan of What If? like scenarios and alternate dimensions, and the writing is just so crisp and funny and good!

It's got two of my favourite characters, Blink and Morph, in the team, who have been with the team since its inception. And it's a testament that this spin-off "X" book (though I don't consider it one) has lasted over 100 issues when so many other "lesser" Marvel Comics have fallen by the way side. A fantastic read, though I must say that getting the entire collection in TPB format will cost you a bit, since there ARE 15 of them in print. But luckily enough, it's just easy to pick up any of those TPBs and start reading without getting bogged down in continuity...though knowing what happened previously certainly adds to the experience!

Started on Mike Wieringo's Tellos Colossal last night as well. It's an amazing read as well, though I'm kind of regretting not getting a chance to actually read the tale in one sitting, which would be the best way to enjoy this series. I'm falling in love with the characters all over again though...wish they had more fantasy comic series like this!

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