Friday, November 30, 2007

Bendis talks Skrulls, "Halo"

Well, with World War Hulk finished, Marvel Comics is gearing up towards the new Marvel event of 2008: Secret Invasion! I'm really excited about this, because I'd like to see who's been usurped as a Skrull and has been posing as a hero for a while now!

Here's an interview Wizard had with writer Brian Michael Bendis:

The writer discusses the lead-up to Secret Invasion and Halo: Uprising delays
By Brian Warmoth
Posted November 28, 2007 5:20 PM

Marvel brought writer Brian Michael Bendis to the phone live from Portland, Ore., today for the second in a series of Initiative-centered talks about the state of the Marvel Universe segueing into 2008’s event Secret Invasion. Senior Art Director Jeff Suter moderated the discussion, in which Bendis dropped clues about how Secret Invasion will kick off and apologized for the delay of his Halo: Uprising series with Alex Maleev.

“In my corner of the Marvel Universe, the Initiative is a big part of the story, but I’m already working on my comics for next year, in which the Initiative will be tested to its very core by this book I’m doing called Secret Invasion,” Bendis began. “The Initiative will need to succeed on every conceivable level if we get to keep the Earth.”

“If the Initiative becomes a cohesive unit, it certainly is the first time we’ll see anything like that in years in the Marvel Universe,” he added.

In the meantime, Bendis pointed to Luke Cage as a character whose life has been profoundly affected by the Initiative and registration. “Issue #38 of New Avengers is a very big issue where maybe even his marriage falls apart because of it,” he forecasted.

The writer teased that the fate of Tony Stark’s national Initiative program would succeed or fail based on the outcome of his Secret Invasion. “Not everyone who’s in the Initiative will survive the situation,” he promised, adding that his epic 2008 storyline in many ways has already begun. “Some of the Initiative may already have been infiltrated by shape-shifting alien Skrulls,” he stated.

As for how the Skrull invasion has already manifested in the pages of Marvel Comics, Bendis gave few details but offered some insight. “They already may have been doing massive amounts of damage that we’ll be aware of once it’s revealed who they are and what they’ve done,” the writer said.

Bendis also revealed that once Secret Invasion begins and characters are outed as Skrulls, backstories will accompany his present-day arcs. “I’m not going to leave stuff up to interpretation,” he guaranteed. “We’re going to let you guess up until, but when it’s time we’re going to turn all of the cards over and let you see everything.”

Suter asked Bendis to define the word “Skrully,” which the writer has popularized characterizing Marvel heroes who may be Skrulls. “If you’ve been dead and you’re alive again, if your ill-defined powers are being used in ways that seem like many different writers are writing them differently, mustaches—many things can give off a Skrulliness,” he suggested.

The Mighty and New Avengers scribe spent a few minutes on the hero who won Civil War, Tony Stark, explaining how he got to the precarious position as head of S.H.I.E.L.D. where he now finds himself.

“A few years ago, one of the topics was ‘What is the point of Iron Man? It’s Tony, and he’s got the armor, but what’s the point of the book?’” Bendis recalled, referring back to a Marvel retreat where storylines were hatched. “From there, seeds were sewn, and they started in Warren Ellis’ run, reinventing his powers for the modern day,” he told.

Bendis cited Stark as a difficult character to write, elaborating on his creative process as a writer. “You literally have to think of someone than yourself and write that,” he said. “I actually read a lot of books about futurists and inventors from their point of view and try to get into his mindset—not only [Tony], but Reed Richards.”

Ultimately, Bendis framed Secret Invasion as a possible undoing of the rupture Civil War created in the Marvel U. “If the Civil War was the divider of the Marvel Universe, the Skrull invasion certainly has the ability to be the uniter,” he hinted.

Additionally, Bendis took a minute to address the delays on his Halo series Halo: Uprising from Marvel, which is still experiencing delays. “The delays for Halo are not Marvel’s fault and not me and Alex [Maleev]’s,” the writer clarified. “The approval process with Bungie, though necessary, is very slow going, so we apologize for that. The series was supposed to be out before the game was out, but it just didn’t go that way.”

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