Monday, November 26, 2007

Five for Friday: Powerful babies

It's 5.15pm today and I'm only just posting this entry! Indicative of how busy my day has been so far.

Just the one article today though, which also happens to be last week's Five For Friday feature:

Amid the chase in ‘Messiah Complex’ for mutantdom’s newborn savior, we count off our five favorite babies you don’t want to mess with

By Brian Warmoth

Posted November 23, 2007 2:20 PM

Babies can change everything. One birth continues to shake up the X-Universe this week in “Messiah Complex” tie-in New X-Men #44, and another is on the way in the pages of the upcoming Witchblade: First Born #3. Little tykes have been proving for years that you don’t have to be out of diapers to tear things up. We’ve got our kiddie corral of favorites here, from comics, TV, and movies, though tall walls stand between those who would and would not include Captain Underpants on this list. Honorable mention can also go out to Jack-Jack Parr from “The Incredibles.” When it came down to naming the final five, however, a handful of names made the cut, and if there could be one team of superbabies—X-Babies and the five Legion orphans of Adventure Comics #356 excluded—these are the bambinos we would not want to cross in the nursery play area.

5. Superbaby (DC Comics)
The youngling rendition of Superboy from the Silver Age showed up in Superboy #8 and returned on numerous other occasions for hilarious high jinks, laying the backhanded smack down on criminals, getting into trouble with Beppo the Supermonkey and eventually finding himself kidnapped off the street and wooed by Lois Lane in Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #57. You’ll need to detach yourself from any love for continuity to truly appreciate the amazing creation that was Superbaby, but he was truly the model for all superpowered infants to come.

4. Tabitha (“Bewitched”)
Always ready to levitate a bottle or make things awkward when company visited the Stephens household, TV’s greatest witch-baby won our hearts and eventually grew up to have the cutest little nose twitch you ever did see—and her own short-lived spinoff series.

3. Baby Brain (DC Comics)
Grant Morrison’s spiffed-up rendition of the Newsboy Legion, dubbed the Newsboy Army, included this aging baby-faced noggin of brilliance who goes by the name of Editor Stargard. A pint-sized prodigy in his youth, Baby Brain roamed the streets of New York with his fellow kid heroes and went on to recruit Jake Jordan as the new Manhattan Guardian for Brain’s newspaper of the same name.

2. Franklin Richards (Marvel Comics)
If there’s one power that bratty kids should not have, it’s the ability to alter reality at their whim. Omega-level mutant Franklin Richards has been stirring up calamity in the Marvel Universe for almost 40 years. The son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman most famously created the Heroes Reborn universe after his parents leaped into Onslaught. He also briefly led the team Fantastic Force as his adult back-from-the-future self Psi-Lord.

1. Damien Thorn (“The Omen”)
Here’s one baby who barely needed superpowers, seeing as how he had the forces of Satan himself watching out for him. Born as the antichrist prophesied in the Bible, Damien and the forces protecting him offed not only his nanny, but his unborn little sister as well. Probably the single worst child you could ever hope to adopt, Damien easily nabs the distinct honor of being the unholiest baby on this list, and by far least socially adjusted.

Haha! Damien from "The Omen" is number 1! Ranked even higher than the all-powerful Frankling Richards, who can reshape reality! Guess the anti-christ would be more powerful than someone who can bend reality at his whim.

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