Friday, November 16, 2007

[PREVIEW OF THE WEEK] Captain America #32

They still haven't brought back Captain America to the land of the living. But it's only a matter of time now...he's been dead what, seven months? Once again, my prediction is that he comes back next year, just in time for his movie (or the announcement of his movie). Just a couple more months. Stay tuned.

But in the meantime, here's what's happening in his comic. And I still haven't even opened up the Captain America Omnibus I purchased a while back, let alone read it! One comic at a time...have too many other things and hobbies on my plate at the moment.

The epic ‘Death of Captain America’ story continues!
Posted November 15, 2007 9:45 AM

The Falcon and Black Widow hunt together! Can they save the Winter Soldier from becoming a tool of the Red Skull again? And if they do, will he just go kill Tony Stark? And what of Agent 13, Sharon Carter, who shot the final bullets into her true love, Steve Rogers, and has seen her life fall apart since then? Those answers, much action and more! From the Eisner Award-winning Best Writer Ed Brubaker and Fan-Favorite Artist Steve Epting, who brought you the biggest-selling comic of the year!

Written by Ed Brubaker
Penciled by Steve Epting
Cover by Steve Epting
Rated T+…$2.99
On Sale—11/21/07

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